[Ambient Glitch IDM Triphop ] Jazzyspoon - Watermark


I actually made this album purely for streaming purposes only. It’s a collection of some of my work found on some IDMf collaboration projects and a more than a few never released before. Mainly, I wanted to see some of these tracks get some listens in the Itunes/spotify/etc realm, as I love them. It ended up being popular enough for me to eventually put on bandcamp, where I threw a couple of exclusive mixes to give it some separate identity.
Some of you have heard some of these before, but I thought I would share it here anyways. It currently free on bandcamp only (name your price), but I will accept a cup of coffee for it, as well… :slight_smile:


A few videos:


It has come to my attention that I now have no idea how to embed a album from bandcamp.
Here’s an album ‘podcast mix’ I made.


Your stuff is just so tops and diverse it’s hard for me to really pinpoint anything I can really critique. Literally almost every piece of your work brings something entirely new in the music - quite possibly one of the most cross-genre producers I’ve come across over the years.

Sometimes liquid, chill, psychadaelic, dark, experimental, orchestral, … just… so dynamic dude. The bit at 11:05 of your podcast mix gave me chills (along with some other parts).

Killin’ it at usual Jazzy!!


Also, I’ve been curious to ask but never bothered to forever, how’d you end up with the name Jazzyspoon? What’s behind it?

Cheers man!! thanks again for sharing.


That silly ass, but somehow appropriate name I am stuck with story…

20+ years ago, when I would hand out some of my first solo tapes/CDs to people, I noticed I got a less desirable reaction to my music when people thought it was just me doing everything. Maybe it felt invasive to listen to one guys artistic output? Not sure, but the reactions were definitely different. So, in a sort of social experiment, I began inventing band members for my CD covers, all based on twists on my first name “Jason”.
J-bone played bass, Jason on vocals and guitars, Pepe (long story) on wind instruments, and Jazzyspoon on synths/drum machines/turntables/mixdown.
The reactions were noticeable enough to continue doing it for a long while, though those projects went under a lot of different names. For those that knew me well, it was a comfortable transition for Jazzyspoon to start doing solo work.

When I moved to Denver in 2001, I wanted a moniker that wouldn’t let people (and/or myself) take the music so seriously. “JA(zzy)S(po)ON” seemed ridiculous enough to let me explore multiple genres and I found it safely “googleable” and light in tone. 18 years later I still have it as my electronic music moniker, despite multiple people writing to me over the years to request that I change my moniker to something more menacing and misspelled like ‘Vort3x’ or ‘Symm^tech’ or something like that so that they can look cooler for liking it/writing it on their geometry notebook cover. I’m either too dumb and stubborn to change it or I actually have come to grips that it still keeps me approachable and open to experimentation. I might even like it.

My solo project that predates Jazzyspoon was and still is called “From Noise to Water” and it sounded too serious/pretentious for me to use as an electronic musician moniker and is a google search engine nightmare. So, I keep that name for my sloppy, less produced acoustic stuff. In fact, my actual “self release” label is called “from Noise to Water Productions”.

rant over.


Really loving the arp progression on Red Dress , very beautiful and ominous at the same time, right up my ally :sunny:


New video added…


ah, i like how sounds breathe naturally, really well mixed stuff! Cheers!


Excited to give this a proper listen. Heard a few tracks on Heartthis and the quality was as i’ve come to expect from you. Nice one!


Chill stuff! Love the first track - indeed a watery one. The second one is a bit too harsh and contrasts with the softness of the first one. 3 mixes both worlds but I do enjoy the part that hits hard - these big drums + these strange swampy/voice samples sound cool. And generally I get a feeling of a swamp here - and no hidden meaning here - this music reminds me of water, mists, wet grass, etc :slight_smile: And it’s quite coherent. Good job!


Your glitches always make my winky go funny. I know what you’re thinking…yes it would be an amazing only fans but I digress.

Fantastic music once again :slight_smile: Maybe a remix soon for old time sake


Thanks for the necro-thread bump, Bio! Glad this found you. :slight_smile:


Dude, i’ve been following your stuff for quite a while now (IDMf NetLabel since 1st) & you still make some crazy shit dude, i like the overall mood of your tracks … keep sharing your sound. Thanks.


Huge thanks, ACRE. I really truly appreciate the kind words. I have been in a bit of a transition over the last year, but I promise I will keep making noise and sharing it. :slight_smile: