[Ambient Experimental] Violet Masks - The Charm of March



This week my latest record, The Charm of March, is now available.

I tried to make this a “haunted ambient” album with some twists and turns that explores the mysterious, supernatural and Celtic nature of March.

I hope you enjoy!


The haunting ambience is just right. Beautiful soundscapes. Calm and southing yet creates uneasiness on another level. Great work!


Thank you sincerely for your compliments!


Absolutely beautiful! It’s deep and spacious, really nice!


Thanks very much! I wanted this record to have a spacious and open feeling where each track felt like something of an exploration.


wooohhh dude … the last 3 min reminded me right away this : Foil from Autechre. Great ambiance.


Thanks very much! I certainly love that record.
Just a reminder to everyone viewing this thread that this is an entire record with 20 songs, it seems like everyone is just hearing the first song, there’s lots and lots more!


It’s just that the link here shows this hint, of a cool album that i’ll spare an ear to, for sure


I certainly appreciate anyone taking time to listen to anything I’ve done, hope everyone enjoys!


Blimmeeee !!! Old Masks (in boxes), Superstitions & Becoming Phantoms are creepy but cool though … Rosevale Parade & its celtic mood is cool too.
Favorites : Thick Carpet & Cigarette Den.
Good work.

I’ve just checked your Bandcamp … are all the 51 albums from you dude ?
I’ll dive an ear ASAP.


Very much appreciated my friend! They are indeed, I started making music about 20 years ago.


impressive !! well done