[Ambient/Electronic/Triphop/Witches/Whatever] Torsktunga - Haunted If True



Here is a little album of some songs I made in 2023. Some ambient, some electronic warmth and harshness, some light triphop and maybe something els. Thank you for listening. :hugs:


Haunted If True | Torsktunga (bandcamp.com)


Nice music ! I love it!!! Definitely this music creates some kind of mood.


I really dig the time changes and ebbing melodies. nicely done!


Fractal Cake was great! Playful and bouncy, I really liked the arpeggio that came in after the intro. You kept me on my toes, I didn’t know where the track was going. The tempo change was crazy!

The slow serene build of Microscopic Friends was bliss.


cool stuff dude !!