[Ambient/Electronic/triphop/cute/dark/whatever] Torsktunga - "New" and "Salty" or something

Hi there

I have been on this forum for a while before it rebooted. I thought I would compile my latest and my almost “latest” songs (some almost 4 years old. I make music in small bursts.) in one playlist so people wuold not have to wave through all of my other old reposts I have on my SoundCloud. Used diferent laptops on some of the older tracks, so it sound a little bit off maybe compared together. I do not pretend to be a mastering wizard so I just do stuff for myself, and if others like it: C O O L !!

(Apparently the latest tunes went on the bottom of the playlist… hmmm…)

Thank you all for listening and any feedback is welcome. Also have my old trusty Ambient Void collection with alot of old tracks for relaxing time… make it a Santori time.


Amazing… and I’ve only heard the first piece. Looking forward to listening through the whole album.

You have been busy!!!