[Ambient beats / idm] palms palms - palms EP

I’ve just released my semi-ambient, semi-beats, semi-I-don’t-know debut EP titled palms EP.

I’d really appreciate your feedback on this!


Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/7ehCww1VFQjFBd0pEgHKJw
Bandcamp (free download): https://palmspalms.bandcamp.com
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/palms-ep/1454550712?app=itunes

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Typing as I listen:

eyes - Had to open my eyes at times, and remember that I was listening to a song! haha Love the little guitar licks! The bells are pretty crisp, as well as the little fm counter bass sound. what a opener!

palms - I’ve got a huge palm growing in my backyard, this looms like it does! Love the cello/contra bass plucks, and how they pan slightly here and there. that little japanese “choo” vocal thing was so unexpected! haha. wish it would been just a hair softer in the mix. brilliant placed splashes, and stereo placement of each source.

neck - those little scraps are too damn creepy! love em! nice how this one is super simple sounding with so many little changes. the build on it is a bit unexpected which was nice. it has a near asian feel at times, which lends to a very calming state of mediation.

ears - man there’s that little southside whine that comes in at 1:55 that i truly wish came in way sooner! It did come in for a second earlier, but I felt like it should’ve been at a lower octave there. Love that! this one is so dark and eerie, which is right up my alley! Them birds tho, haha! can’t tell if there was some rain in this one as well, but solid tune! not sure if that’s a taiko drum, or just another orchestration drum, but yeah it truly holds things together! gave this song two plays!

thighs - i love some thighs! oops wait or was that butts?!? what a song to close out the ep with. The bell chimer signifies the ep is ending! just kidding in a old man corny way! after such chill journey this was a really nice way to bring the album to life. it starts off from the same sortie approach as the other tracks with that minimal approach, and then open up as a little dance tune!

Overall throughly impressed, and found this album to be both sonically pleasing, as well as album I would recommend to others! Glad you have it on spotify, and wishing you continued success.


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I love this. It has a soundtrackvibe . Miami Vice 2025. It’s also perfect music for listening in a car. Or an airplane.

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Thank you both for taking your time to listen to this and for your feedback!

@TvMcC - man… I really, really appreciate it. Thank you for such a thorough listen and writing all this down, together with the remarks that I’m about to brak down and check. It means a lot to me and I’m glad you like the album!

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nothing much to add, can’t do lengthy posts… excellent stuff, very smooth EP. I like the production, nicely detailed and lively. Good one.

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