Alien Romulus Trailer


Any Alien franchise / Sci-fi / horror fans out there that have seen this or are looking forward to it?

After Covenant I’m quite skeptical, as I was not a big fan of that one, however I’m holding out hope here.


im glad they’re going back to claustrophobic horror that’s where the concept shines


As i’ve mentioned before, Alien is my number 1 movie. Part of the reason for that is the slow pacing, the suspense, the sound design and the silence. The whole opening sequence (roughly 5-7 minutes long) has no dialogue and very little going on. At it’s pretty much my favorite part of the movie. No Aliens, no action, no talking. Just art.

This trailer looks like more horror than suspense, which makes me think it won’t be as good. That said, it takes place between the first and second Alien movies, so I’m’ looking forward to seeing what story lies there.


I gave up on Alien after Prometheus, which is most probably the stupidest movie I’ve ever had to suffer in a theater (and paid for, unfortunately). I actually left angry after sitting in front of that cretinous turd for 2 hours I’d never get back.

At least i don’t think they could do worse than that even if they tried, so maybe there’s some hope left.


I’m an Alien fanboy, so I’ll be buying the 4K disc regardless of the quality of the movie.

I’ve pretty much been spoiled on a lot of things with this movie, there’s some lore stuff I don’t know if I’m on board for, but I like the director’s other work, so I’m optimistic.

I wish it was set outside of everything instead of in between the first two movies, but it’s a new Alien movie, so I can’t complain. I actually really liked Covenant despite its flaws.

I was pumped when the trailer came out, but it was just a teaser and my reaction was “Yep, looks like an Alien movie!”

Again, I like the series and I like the director, so I’m hopeful. I’m already planning on going out of town to watch it in the theater, and the last time I went to the theater was five years ago, so I’m looking forward to making a day trip.

I’m interested in what @nose thnks.


As long as we get to watch another woman give herself an abortion of her unborn murderous alien spawn (like in Prometheus) I’m so in!!

This is more than likely gonna be good. Just watched the trailer. Yes. YES.



As long as we get to watch another woman give herself an abortion of her unborn murderous alien spawn (like in Prometheus) I’m so in!!

Think the “woke” culture won’t allow it :wink:


I mean technically it was a c-section.

I feel like it made the “anti-woke” book-banning culture more uncomfortable than anyone else XD

they be all like, “Life starts the moment the face-hugger implants its embryo down your esophagus”.

here’s that scene, just for kicks:


This is my new favorite quote. Haha


I love the original Alien (like a top 10 movie for me) but have never really been into the rest of the series or horror movies. IDK, the trailer looks like they have nice sets, but I think part of what makes the OG so good is the technical limitation that they couldn’t show the alien most of the movie (and when it does show up in 4k you can really tell why). I saw some CG that looks good, but idk how it’s being used. Are they going to save it all for one or two really good scenes that pace and deliver like original Alien with the technology of today? Or is there going to be a CG tail flicking in the darkness of every shot letting you know “ALIEN IS STILL HERE JUST WAIT FOR IT GUYS”?

Tentacle on mouth business at 00:40 was kind of hot, but not sure that’s what I’m looking for in a Alien movie. Or maybe that’s the whole point? IDK I haven’t seen enough of the other movies, is that a thing with these?


Yeah, it was hot, and a little disturbing. Especially with the implications of having one of those things attach to you.

I do think that is the point, especially when you understand (or have at least seen) Giger and his work. Most of his work has sexual and erotic themes, and the nature of the Xeno is really no different from the rest of his body of work. This is especially true of the facehuggers and chestbursters, but you could also make the argument that the drones are this way as well.

When lambert dies in the first film, you see a brief shot of the drone moving its tail up between her legs breifly, before the shot cuts to Ripley scrambling to get to the room where Lambert and Parker were. During those few seconds you hear lambert over the coms not doing so hot. So you know the Xeno didn’t kill her right away using it’s tiny mouth like it did parker and Brett, and assumingely Dallas.

In one of the versions of the film, when Ripley finally arrives, the xeno is gone, and parker lays dead on the floor. but in the shot you also see lamberts naked legs and blood running down them, so there is an implication that it raped her before it killed her (or that it killed her by raping her, that tail is nasty business). Dark stuff. For me, thats the most horrifying scene in the movie, especially hearing the events happen over the coms.

This closely matches themes explored by Giger, including eroticisim, sex, and trauma.


All that being said, I think the first movie is really the only one that really explores these concepts. Aside from the xenomorphs sexualized lifecycle, and phallic appearance, sexual themes don’t really appear in any of the other movies. The do have to fuck your face though to breed, that never goes away.

Fun times.


A bit like this thread…


Yeah I remember that part too, definitely one of the parts that sticks with me from that movie. The tentacle bit in the trailer made me think of the same thing. And yeah, I suppose when you think about it the whole movie revolves around the aliens’ breeding cycle so there’s that too. I guess I just never thought about it that much.

There’s probably a really weird thesis to be written here about how Alien is actually an examination of pregnancy from the point of view of an occupied country or something.






Gawd I didn’t want to make it weird in case I was the only one, OK? I didn’t know we all had the same kink.


Ridley scott the maker of the alien franchise did say that that was supposed to be apart of the horror…

But ^ thats not my kink…


I really liked what the director did with his Evil Dead reboot, so Ill check it out.