Ai replecates voices of dead musicians



Whoever mixed that first one needs some skills.

Also this is a weird turning point in various forms of art. I guess they’re all dead, RIP*

*Once they iron out those super weird AI fuckups, that is


Omg lol…theres ai covers with kanye voice…


This is amazing. I’m making sure that I say so now, because when this is like 99% of the art world’s output and everything is a meme from now on, I’m going to long for the days when I thought this was hilarious



Kanye covering taylor swift songs using ai…lol


ithe modern equivalent of graverobbing.
I hate where this bs is going. The dead should be respected and their body of work left to be the limited priceless thing it is. This doesn’t honour the dead…it dishonours them.


Valid point, but I’ve got one for you: what if the rights-holder (or perhaps an entity who owns the previous catalog and is authorized to make AI renditions in the future) is the one perpetuating it? And does somebody else profiting from the dead’s body of work also fall into that category?

Even though I thought it was cool at first, it’s hilarious to see that the novelty of these AI tracks is literally never going to wear off for the masses. This makes me believe that, maybe, this is actually the future of music – not too far out of the realms of what memes are to Youtube.


Its a terrifying thought that someone can have control over someone elses’s voice. What kinda of world do we live in where someone’ cannot claim ownership pf their own unique voice ?

I also wonder how this will be used as a weapon to implicate people in crimes they didn’t commit…like making threatening calls, or pretending to be someone famous and stalking some woman. I reallu don’t see an upside with this