AI General Discussion


Lots of AI shit happening fast these days from Stable Diffusion and Midjourney, to AI audio generation and AI plugins like Combobulator and Emergent Drums, as well as those garbage people use to t2a make lofi youtube playlists for easy cash grabs.

In my opinion, there’s lots to love (I do love a lot of it) and just as much to hate.

Lay it on me, what are your thoughts about it? let’s talk, debate, whatever.


I bought emergent drums. Its…got a lot to be desired. You’ll sit there for ages generating to try and get something that doesn’t sound like a sample you’ve downloaded from limewire, let alone one you like the sound of. XLN audio XO is a better workflow to find drum samples you already have in your hdd, and largely more entertaining at that.

This probably a good topic for Andrew Winds haha


I was thinking that too. Andrew, If you are still lurkin, you should chime in here.

Emergent Drums is yeah, lacking…

I was really hoping I could generate long nonsense weird sounds. I tried taking some weird glitchmachines samples and throwing them in there to see if I could get some wild shit, but I pretty much just got the same weird tonal tom sound every time I tried.


I will say i have a bone to pick with people that get seemingly “triggered” by the very thought of AI.

I mean, I don’t think their concerns are without merit.

However, when Richard Devine post videos of his experimentations with some random new AI tools and i see comments to the extent of “AI sucks, you’re shameful, unfollowing”

Or when Jacob Collier, uses AI to generate goofy, silly images of himself and friends/colleagues and you see the same sorts of comments…

I’ll just say it takes ever bit of my willpower to not go on a rant or talk shit in an instagram thread.

It’s like… who the fuck do you think these people are? These guys are leaders in there respective musical fields, very talented and highly respected.

I have a whole Substack article I’m writing on this topic actually. lol. AI is interesting, but I think peoples fears and conceptions around AI are even more interesting, and often misplaced.


It’s simply a fear response. People will fear what they don’t understand. AI is here and here to stay. From the office to art to music to literature and more, it’s everywhere and it’s only going to become more apart of our lives as time goes by.

Jacob Collier. Seen him live a couple times. Astonishing musician.


He’s not lurkin anymore


Following on from my post in the remix release thread about the vocal samples we used from Alan Watts on the remix, I thought I’d mention Descript here as a pretty awesome tool for denoising vocals. I’m not sure how it would handle sung vocals as it’s more tuned toward speech, but it does a great job on speech.