Against the Clock (people making music)


Got around to watch this and my feelings are confirmed, I’d want a Force. Looking at what you were doing seems to have a more ‘Ableton’ session view feel to it.


Thanks for watching the video man. I still need to work on mixing on that box but I did the best I could for how little I’ve had it.

So yeah, I got the Force. Basically I was so surprised by the MPC live, it’s sequencer a d the way it sounded that I just had to try out the Force. I really love it. I know it’s a workstation more than it is a groovebox which what I normally work with. So comparing this to a digitakt, digitone, or any Elektron box for that matter is t really fair. But most every complaint I’ve had about various hardware limitations is nonexistent with the Force.

It’s as big as a house and not the prettiest thing to look at but man does it get the job done. Sounds great too just like the Live. Although the onboard sounds are totally redone, which is why I bought it. Very modern dance / club type sounds that I’m very interested in using. The Hype Synth is really great too. Modern all around, sounding great. Wavetable with some rom sounds layered too, kind of like Omnisphere meets Serum.

Yes, you’re correct, it’s an ableton style clip launcher in a box with great onboard sounds in my opinion. No song mode yet but it should be coming according to AKAI. That’ll be nice to have but I’m not ready to file suit against AKAI for not having it already. Some people are pretty upset about that but if you buy it for what it is, it’s great.


that’s great! Are these built-in sounds from the Force? I would have loved to see 10 minutes of workflow with the Force, even if you didn’t end up with a full beat


Thanks Lug, glad you enjoyed it! Yes all the sounds in the video come shipped with the Force. Modified presets. It comes with 10 gigs of sounds (oneshots and loops) or something crazy like that. It also has four onboard synth plugins. Hype, TubeSynth, a bassline mono synth, and a Rhodes emulator thing I think is the 4th one. Also has a looper and xlr / trs inputs on the back. Also, any loop you audition on the box when looking through the samples automatically plays in time with your project, which is really handy. It’s a pretty robust feature set. I’d love to make just a workflow video. If I can find time to do it I will. Thanks again man!


Compared to the Live, how do you find the workflow and the step sequencer?


Sorry for the delay in reply…

I find due to the visual interface of the pads, and the way they divide the pads (4 sequencer rows up top, 16 pad drum kit bottom left to select sounds from, velocity levels on the other 16 next to the kit), the step sequencer is very fun and immediate. It’s nice to have access to the lanes, kit and velocity levels all in the same place. The pretty lights are cool too.


awesome, the track reminds me of “halycon on and on”