Against the Clock (people making music)

Just discovered this show

like a fast forward beat battle

totally geeking out

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for y’all pervs who like watching people in the studio

Are we gonna start the IDMf against the clock series?
10 minutes videos of live production from scratches

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I remember there was a thread called “make something in less than x minutes and post it here”. It could be possible to make videos with a simple screen share software

10 minutes of nothing happening on screen while I work on hardware, works for me.
Might look into a video this weekend, not promising anything


well go ahead and get a filmcrew then

I love this idea, I’m totally game.


Later this summer I wouldn’t mind doing one on how I write a beat on the TR8S.

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wow that would be so cool

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Actually sounds kinda fun. Might do it sooner than later.

An idmf against the clock series, is a cool idea, I’ve already did/posted mine a few months back also thanks peeps for informing me of obs existence

I just recorded mine, time to edit. Will post later today…


And here’s mine:


Loving this thread… not sure what I’m going to do about it… I’ll keep watching and wondering until I get a clue.

Thank you @Auto-meh-geddon for giving me some insight.

Busy day watches about a third. Interesting and gonna finish. Ill try to do this next week.

would you then do arrangement in the mpc as well?

Yes, create multiple patterns with different variations the string them together is song mode


Really awesome beat the clock man. Love how you took those club sounds and made a dark industrial behemoth out if them. Enjoyed listening to you narrate the process too. Solid.

Hoping to get one up myself this weekend too.

Please read before watching…

Okay so I totally failed at the 10 min Beat the Clock Challenge. Much harder than it sounds once you actually try. So, more continued props to @Auto-meh-geddon for getting his done with seemingly so much ease. So let me admit again, I failed.


Put up or shut up right? Sure. This is what came of my 10 min challenge that actually took several hours today to complete and film. I’ve only recently started using the Force so one thing that was working against me was the fact that I barely know it yet. Had it just about a week now. Maybe one day I’ll make it back here with a completed jam that was actually done in 10 min once I know the unit more.

Been trying to take my music less seriously for a while now and just have fun with it. Hence the 4x4 upbeat style of this one which the Force is pretty great at…


Will watch later today. Force? Want to tell me anything?

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