After 2 Years I Finally Got My Spotify Artist Account, and This Was How


In short, Spotify repeatedly did not believe who I said I was for a long time.
In my last round of proving that I am myself, this exchange was how I finally convinced them that I am myself.

And now I FINALLY have my artist account access!



Ha! That’s fantastic. Glad they gave you access with that method. Nice one.


I thought that was only a struggle if somebody else was fighting you for your name. Are you going through something other than DK?


I think part of the problem likely lies in the fact that there’s a Filipino celebrity (who’s rather popular) who’s named, “Jason Abalos”, without a “y” in the first name.

I’m clearly not Filipino (points to avatar), and Jason Abalos also does exist on Spotify, so I think that maybe had something to do with it.

But that’s just my shot in the dark guess.
Not really sure, honestly.

I’m actually considering an entire artist rebrand just to avoid this in the future (I mean…I have over a hundred followers on Facebook who are almost entirely Filipino because they read my name).



Sounds extremely likely. I got verified with my dumb / made up artist name in under 24 hours