[Advant-Garde/Hip-Hop] Rotorro - Radio Rotorro {{±vMcÇ Re-fix}}

What it do world?!?

Here with a quick release that I’ve been sitting on for ages! Found myself looking through my archives for things to throw out before my next project, and came across this old tune!

Bit about he song:

Rotorro, and Sephoria use to visit the forums ages ago, and offered up these as a fun email sort of telegram thing they did together to the community to use. They both had long since considered to quit doing music all together, and I haven’t seen either of them since!

For me I got a little sad, and life (work/marriage) took over, and releasing my own material got put on the back burner! This year I’ve decided no more!

So without further A’do! I bring to you ‘Radio Rotorro’. A fun cross breed of a song featuring witty vocals, buzzing sound design, heavy beats, and classic synths! The mood of the song is set as a comedy, with a deep sense of longing.

Free download over at band camp.


Awesome stuff, I think the beats and synths work really great with the distorted vocals!

And good decision! :+1: :grinning:

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