Admin in the Hospital


Hey y’all one of your two admins, me, has been in the hospital for about four days. I didn’t really have access to my phone or the energy to keep up with the little things. I am on the mend but am still recovering and getting my life in order as Ive had to quit working as well.

I usually take care of the day to day on the forum and RFJ mostly handles the label. Ive really got a lot on my plate right now but Ill try to get back ASAP, try to get on without me for a minute eh?


Wish you well take care get better.:100:


Get well soon relic!

We’ll try to not blow this thing up!


Just focus on getting well man. I’m 99.67% sure we’ll still be here when you’re ready.
In case you’re wondering the other .33% is the always underlying chance that the lizard people take over the world, in which case I greet our scaly new overlords with open arms and look forward to whatever they have in store for our musical future.


I am down with embracing our new lizard overlords so go ahead and push that button if needed.


Get well soon mate!


Get well, old man!


They already have taken Hollywood (aka ScientologyLand)

@relic - Cool down on the suspension BDSM during your play dates and get better soon!


@morphic Ill try to cut back lol