ADC converter to Audio interface makes noise crackle

In short, the sound card I have is behringer fca610. Then I have an Analog to digital converter. when I connect the ADC to the sound card, even if I do not turn on the audio, there is still noise, crackling. I connect via ODT Toslink.

Audio goes through the chain, but still a lot of noise.

Maybe you need to configure the asio buffer or sample rate. Or where there is so much noise, or you can’t insert the converter into the sound card. And you need to insert into the amplifier or av reviser?

By the way, the sample rate of the ADC is 48,000 hertz. And the output audio is LPCM

Some dudes tell me that i need to configure ADC to be main clock but i didnt figure that yet .but when I set everything (settings in the audio card) then the sound does not pass at all (it seems ADC does not respond).

Others says that ADC is broken maybe.
This noise

Is this even possible? I have the cheapest converter. Like you can see on this page

When I change the synchronisation settings (or sample rate) of the fca 610 then I connect the converter, the sound does not pass. As if the converter freezes. And if I just turn on the audio card and connect the converter, the sound goes, but with a noise and not at 48khz but at 41,000. Attached a screenshot of the settings. What is there to choose?

Hard to tell if you’re having sync issues without also knowing the audio interface that runs into - or is this going straight into your pc?

If you’re running into another interface and then your PC (or straight into your pc), you either want your DAW to be master clock or your interface, depending on your preferences. Ideally, you would then slave the behringer to the master clock with the spdif input. That said, I’ve never heard of clock issues causing noise like you’re describing (can’t listen for myself just now). Rather, incorrect clocking would just lead to the silence you are describing when trying to change it. It may be that you aren’t properly transmitting clock from the other end of your spdif, so I’d start by making sure whatever you’re plugged into is set to be a master a clock.

With audio cables, you need to thing about how you route them and where you place your converter to prevent electromagnetic interference. If you have this right next to other electronics, try moving it away from them as much as you can and see if that helps.

I set everything up. No noise. I had trouble with ASIO. Thank.

More than likely you’re just adding some more quantization error and/or distortion, but if you like it and you can make it work then do what you want. People also like tape machines even though they add noise, distortion, and pitch errors. If you like it and it works then do it.

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Thanks suddenly edited previous post and deleted everything. THX :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::smiley::v:
Just add pictures that were in that message. The question was about routing fca610 digital out-> adc → dca->digital in fca610.

OMG Still crackling i think . sorry. :grin: