[Acid Techno] Gadfly - Love in the Time of Covid-19

My first “official” release (meaning it’s up on streaming services).
It’s 3 tracks of live acid techno using all hardware.

Gadfly - Love in the Time of Covid-19

Yo! Thanks you very much. Tell me about your process a bit. Are you recording your synth and then mixed them? Or how it is goes?

Congratulations on the release as well!

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Hey, Thanks for listening!

I did these 3 songs between 2018-2020. I started with sound design and some basic patterns/sequences, all on hardware. I did long jam sessions to flesh out the idea some. I recorded track by track to Ableton (drums, bass, lead, pad/chord, etc). I cut and edited the bits I liked and summed them down to a single track. I then used that track as a guideline–Coloring the different sections so I can see where I wanted to put in the changes while I played live.
Using Ableton pretty much as a tape machine at this point, I hit record and just jammed out using the reference track I had made as a guide (it was kept muted).

Here is a list of the gear I used:
Arturia Minibrute 2s
Arturia Drumbrute
Roland TR-8
Roland TB-03
Novation Bass Station II
Korg Volca Beats
Korg Volca Bass
Moog Subphatty
+various guitar pedals and some rack mount FX gear

The strange sound you hear at the beginning and end of the first track was added later, it was my Boss chorus pedal dying while making the track. I pushed signal too hard into it I guess and only this warped chorus sound came out, nothing even remotely sounding like the original sound came thru. I liked it, so I just tacked it on after the fact, made it duck under the kick so it would be rhythmic and blended it into the track.


This is a good release! Well done :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing more from you

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During the peak of the pandemic, with all the free time I had, I did a ton of tracks using only hardware and using Ableton as a tape machine. I have a about an albums worth of material that I’m slowly going to release.

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That’s a cool story! Sometimes unexpected glitches can add a unique touch to a track. It’s great that you found a way to incorporate the sound from the dying pedal into the music. It adds a nice, organic element to the piece.

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