A moment of silence for the smileys that perished


That’s right I said smiley’s damn it. :shitstorm:

now we have emojis. Yea and that’s just fine for all the people that think guitar rig sounds the same as a '65 fender deluxe, but not for me. I’ll never forget.


Since I’m currently using one of the worst Amp sims available, with 2.5 of 10 stars given at Honest Amp Sim Reviews, but learned to live with it, I guess I will love these new emojis… in time ^^



Here, have a funeral urn emoji.


I honestly miss the suicide emoji the most.




awwwww shucks imma miss 'em all


RIP wizard dude



You can upload pictures. And your iPhone emojis work. Sorry for the convenience.


that’s a big emoji. I understand you have big emotions






It’s kind of like having an emulator with every rom ever vs having those 20 nes games, 15 of which are awful, but you play the hell out of them anyway.


favourite smileys volume 1:

got no more




why can’t I look away





MAKE IT STOP…no wait…:face_vomiting::alien::skull::poop:


damnit you made me remember the rave dance smiley ;(((((((((((((((((((( damnit that smiley was so so beautiful… and the head explode smiley ;( ;( ;( and the 8bit star trek captain holding his head smiley ;(((((((( damnit… someone make a youtube tribute video damnit IM HUNTCHED IN THE CORNER HERE!!!


touch me and call it wrastling

murders self