A major artist actually made this....dafuq lol

Kanye west lift yourself

if kanye west made this…and people genuinely like this song as art…i quit musicing lol.

Cause everything after 1:58 lmao.

Posts edited to avoid confusion.

I’m confused what you’re upset about?

This is clearly a joke. It’s purposefully non-sensical. Trolling. Look into the meaning behind The Beatle’s “I am the walrus”. It’s the same shit. I think this song is hilarious. It mixes beautiful soulful lyrics and melodies then counteracts it with literal nonsense and poop. What’s the problem here?

It’s kinda like if someone took all of your posts on this forum and made a song about them.

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No problem, i lold too…im just surprised.

This song is funny as fuck.

What I can say is that when it came out along with the state of the music industry that it was in (not that it’s really any better now – what is this thing you call a “music” “industry”?), it was really quite poignant. I’m not sure your age but either way I can see that you’re just finding out about this track… which means you weren’t there for the impact that it made.

I dropped more remixes of this in to my sets at the time than I can even count and the reaction amongst the underground “anti-edm” crowd I would play to was emphatic.

Poopety scoop

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Lol you actually played this in a set…

I would of liked to see that…lol.

According to my googling this song came in 2018?.

And you are correct i just did find out about this.

Dude I must be trippin, I swear I heard it years before that. but dude, I get mixed up and confused sometimes, especially when it comes to dates. Either way. I stand by what I said dammit!

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Its all good. :grinning:

Ya know what this reminds me of? DJ trolls. I mean, that shit is hilarious. I’ve been present for shit like this and I love it everytime.

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We definitely need more Liber-Tea, and managed democracy.

Kanye was trolling drake…according to sources…

Cash rules everything around me…get that money.