80/20 of Mixing by ill.Gates

Dylan is one of my buddies and is really good at explaining this esoteric mystery called mixing. If you aren’t part of the Producer Dojo, this one thing from there is worth at least checking out, if you are trying to be a better producer. He knows a lot of shit and yes he can definitely get ramble-y like yours truly but he’s great.

Check this out:


Let me know what you think,.


Thanks for link

Also i want to say you can break the rules only when you know it is right move. If you break the rules and don’t knowing what you are doing its not break the rules. You never knew what it was before if it was made right way.

Also your mix suck because of a mysterious reason. And no video tutorial will help you because the reason is mysterious.
Also i want to tell what i’m think and when i saw people with bunch of gear i think its people just like me who wanna know how make music but they have much more money to test their ides but sad that money and more gear don’t make you a better at making music. And you bought all the gear then test it then just to knew it doesnt help. And I’m glad I didn’t spend a lot of money on gear.

@Fidelium definitely will check this out in full.

@st3aLth “your mix sucks for mysterious reasons and no tutorial will help” hrm…that seems absurd and defeatist lots and lots of people have learned how to mix from online tutorials and make great sounding tracks…

I sell 20 albums on iTunes. (all the music i made mylself)

Ok? So, you just fooled around until you got good with no information outside of your own brain? I’m not sure how this is a response to the “can you learn from YouTube videos” debate?

I’m not trying to derail the thread, but claiming you can’t learn from YouTube videos is just silly. I learn all kinds of things from them.

I don’t tell that you can’t learn from youtube videos i just told your mix sucks and doesn’t get better for some mystical reason.
Don’t take it personal. Maybe i talked about me.

Haha. I wasn’t taking it personally, just trying to understand your meaning. And no, a mix doesn’t get better for a magical reason. I’m still not sure what that has to do with the ill.Gate’s video?

I watched ill.Gates video and want to share my experience about music production you know. Also mix doesnt get better it also cant get right for magical reasons even if you do all the things right way.

Well. That is certainly a novel opinion.

I can’t really figure out what the argument is about.

I’m certain there is a language barrier causing this, as I’m not sure what @st3aLth means by this:

But that’s ok, lets work it out and make sure we all understand each other.

@st3aLth Do you mean to say that your mixes aren’t improving even though you are “doing all the things the right way”?

Here’s what GPT said when I asked it:

It seems like the argument revolves around the effectiveness of learning music production techniques, particularly mixing, from online tutorials, and the belief in “mysterious” or intangible factors affecting the quality of a mix.

The initial post praises Dylan’s ability to explain mixing, suggesting that his insights from the Producer Dojo are valuable even to those not part of the group. However, another commenter, st3aLth, asserts that despite the availability of tutorials, some mixes still don’t improve due to mysterious reasons. They also express skepticism towards the effectiveness of having a lot of gear in music production.

This statement prompts confusion from relic, who argues that many people have indeed learned from online tutorials and created great mixes. st3aLth responds by emphasizing their personal experience, claiming that their mix doesn’t improve despite following tutorials, implying there’s an inexplicable aspect to achieving a good mix.

The discussion continues with relic attempting to understand st3aLth’s viewpoint, but st3aLth maintains their stance that mixes may not improve for mysterious reasons, even with correct techniques.

Overall, the debate touches on the balance between technical knowledge and intuition in music production, with one side emphasizing the importance of tutorials and learning, while the other suggests there are unexplainable factors at play in achieving a good mix.

Is GPT correct?

I agree that there are many people out there that buy all the gear and have no idea what they are doing, however, you do need at least a quality monitoring system and a room that does not color your mix to get a good mix. If you don’t have this then you can employ other techniques such as corrective EQ software and speaker filtering to get a flatter response from your monitoring system.

St3alth, perhaps this mysterious thing that is making mixes sound bad even with correct techniques, is actually poor acoustics, or some part of your system (maybe headphones?) that is not representing an accurate example of your mix. Perhaps it’s not mysterious at all?

Let me know if I have misunderstood what you are saying.

Where are you from @st3aLth?

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It’s just that sometimes the mix doesn’t get right even if you’re doing everything right. Its just my experience.

I’m from Russia. It used to be Crimea, Ukraine. Now its Crimea, Russia.

I don’t have any problems with mixing.

Of course, all this is important and I have KRK RP5G2 monitors and they are gathering dust in the corner of the room. Just because I didn’t write that I have a lot of experience. I’ve been doing music so much that in 5 years it will be 20 years. (((15 years somewhere)

@Manton Mysterious thing is about my pc being poor , that is what i’m think. I mean my pc didnt let me do the mix to sound professional thats it. I think you can encounter another problems on your journey.
If you were making music and everything sounded good from the start and you didn’t know that the computer could be bad link, then you’re in luck. Now, of course, I can mix music in a different way, it seems that it should work without a cool computer, but we have what we have. (I have a lot of experience)

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I don’t even know what I am arguing about :joy: I think it was just misunderstanding on my part.

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A lot is said in the video that it is better to use Audio Clippers than Limiters. Btw my favourite clipper is Buzzcut vst