4 to the floor IDM tunes?

Think I saw a thread about this on reddit sometime ago but can’t find it anymore. Anyone have any recommendations for IDM tunes/albums with a steady 4x4 beat to them?

Not just talking about experimental techno or anything run-of-the mill

I don’t know if it counts because it’s technically dub techno, but Arctic Hospital was always one of my favorites that really kept things sounding like insider IDM with a more accessible (4/4) groove.

The issue with terminology is that a lot of 4/4 music in the vein of IDM is going to get tagged as techno or something else a decent portion of the time (by definition), but I wouldn’t really shut out things with the techno label because there’s a decent amount of crossover in that territory

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I would consider anything Max Cooper or Jon Hopkins to fit that bill


Also, Rival Consoles. :heart::heart:

Four Tet?

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that’s definitely how I feel too after exploring a bit. Especially the ambient techno stuff.

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Four Tet my goat - I’ve seen him tagged as microhouse in a few things? Still not necessarily sure what that means… like romanian minimal techno influenced stuff?

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