10" Guitar Speaker recommendations

Howdy Yall,

Though I would pick yalls brains. I bought a Roland JC40 combo a few days ago and while I dearly love the clean sound - I love fuzz and nasty distortion as well.

The amp specs are 2 20 watt amps and each amp is feeding 2 Roland 10" 20 watt speakers. The speakers cant keep up. When I put the amp on 5 straight up and clean I get quite a bit of speaker break up. When I add fuzz/distortion - there is no definition and the speaker is flubby as hell.

I was wondering if any guitar nerds here had a recommendation on a 40+ watt 10" speaker 4 - 8 ohms?

Ive been looking at the Celestion G10 Gold but man that price tag hurts. Im trying to stay around $150 or less per speaker.

Also been looking at the Eminence Legend 1058.

Im aiming for a jangly, “almost” scooped tone. I get my lows and low mids from my Korg MS20. I do a synth rock act sometimes and trying to get a massive wall of synth and guitar fuzz that can get crystal clean in a heart beat.

Be up a hello yall!

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hi @mundainmonstre!

Are those speaker drivers the originals or is this a secondhand cabinet that someone has replaced the drivers in?

At a google glance, I can’t confirm whether or not this amp is a 40 W per channel, or as you say 40 W total.

Oh yes brand new amp - Roland branded speakers. I can 100% confirm there are 2 20 watt amps in there each powering a 20 watt speaker.

I have a Marshall CODE 50 that I love.

The only thing which they could improve is to allow for storage of more than 100 presets, but aside from that, it’s totally awesome.


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Another option to consider within your budget is the Jensen C10Q. It’s a classic speaker known for its vintage-inspired tone with sparkling highs, warm mids, and tight bass response. It’s a versatile choice that can handle a variety of playing styles and genres, making it a popular option among guitarists.

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Yeeeeaaaahhhhh good call on that. Ive been listening to the C10Q in demos and I do like it as well as that price tag is quite nice… 75$ per speaker.

Thanks for the back up on that one!

How many did you get?

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Best response.

Nothing yet - still researching and saving up.

I thought you already got those. Good luck and I hope you get them. By the way, how many speakers are you planning on getting?

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