Your least used effects


I used to use D16’s constantly and now I can’t get it to work in my DAW. I really, really don’t miss it. But I’m pretty spartan with FX use these days anyhow.


Chorus. I’m a dip shit with those and I never get it to sound right.


Bitcrushing drums is my favorite, I don’t know why. You can get nice textures when you put it on transients especially


On the Digitakt I got into using and envelope to control the bitcrush amount on the kick to either add something at the beginning or a longer attack to add crush to the tail while the body falls in volume.


That’s pretty neat idea!


When it comes to such sound mangling it can be very open-ended. There are always some different approaches available so I’d rather go for multiband distortion or heavy saturation. Big chains with sample reduction is a fine approach but I choose different methods to degrade audio like rectifier models that some plugins have (Ohmicide, Saturn). Cubic is one of my favourites too so for me standard bitcrushers I’ve checked kind of feel very unnecessary and not that interesting.


All the time based effects delay/flange/chorus that are all kinda sorta the same thing can be funky to get to sound right with electronic music. Delay the least so by far. Flange and chorus tend to wash stuff out.

Once again, I’m being pretty spartan with FX these days. I use to glob it on and with every track. Its just a mess. I dunno. To me the way to do this is find a chorus setting that is lush AF and feature it one instrument just during parts of a track where there is room for it. You gotta make room in the arrangement for the FX sometimes.




As for traditional dynamics control, not a whole lot of reason to do that if you are working all in a DAW. I like to hear “I don’t use much compression” : )


Not enough pictures. Show us your despise for those effects!


Me versus Compressor


Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind ; I’m more efficient with a flanger, I know where I want it and why I want it, chorus isn’t there yet.


A few months ago I would have said the same thing (not sure about my sentence).

I literally broke my head on compressor knowledge. But it begins to go somewhere instead of destroying everything I produce ahaha


I don’t use compression but I use similar effects.


I use sidechain compression quite a lot, normal compression is still a mystery to me, so I tweak until I squash everything or until the body of whatever sound I have sounds louder.
But a transient designer works as good for my skills and needs.