What Are Your Musical Plans for 2021


Hard work trying to sell your own music nowadays there’s just too many people making it, I often think what amazing music must be out here that I’ll never hear.

I think if your trying to sell your music then there’s no point even mentioning it on forums like Kvr, Gearslutz, Muffwiggler etc as there full of people who make music and they don’t really have any interest in buying other peoples music.

The last EP I released I joined a few groups on FB, such as ambient groups and electronica groups to spread the word there but even in those groups you’ll notice lots of people advertising their music.

I agree with @morphic in that if you want to give yourself a chance in selling any electronic music at all then you must craft it towards the dance floor.


My partners and I are in the final stages of putting together a various artist complilation release. We did the same thing back around 2001. So 20 years later, using the same artist we will do it again. It will also have a number of clips from studio jam sessions we did at the end of 2019 where we had 3 producers with portable midi rigs jamming. Should be interesting.


I think I wrote something long here but deleted it because it was corny and stupid

Mainly I just want to hook more things up to other things until the passion runs out. Instead of making music I just want to keep making sample packs because it’s so much more rewarding and I love being able to give stuff away for free that people will actually use.

I’m pretty much done with making music entirely, but I feel like the fun has just begun and there’s still plenty more sounds and craziness to explore, and seemingly lots of other people who would love to use said sounds in their own productions which makes me more happy than anything


Make musics you weiner. Unless you have been. I don’t remember your SC acc or otherwise spam “give us your music” account. :slight_smile:

I’m happy to see some of the people in here posting their thoughts on the coming year and what they optimistically have in store for it. Though, I definitely need to get more involved in the LB or the “created today” thread. Some neat stuffs come through there but just never really have time. And haven’t really been active as of late except a few of the past BB’s.

Which with the BB’s, unless busy, I may actually dive into more consistently for a quick side project I can try some things out in, more.

I think this year, I’ll experiment a bit more with space in my tracks. Slowing things down, diving into more effects, etc. See where it goes. I’ve had fun doing more and more things through 2020, that I might not have in the past, so I’d like to extend it more and try to push some type of larger grouping of tracks.

I look forward to seeing a mega thread or something, possibly. Or a tag of some sort #2021 #divoC etc etc…


I’ve been steadily creating more music over the last year, and at a higher quality, I think, than anything I’ve done before.

I’d like to finish up a number of tracks and ideas I have floating around, and look into properly releasing them. I don’t have a label or know anything about that end of things since this was always mainly a hobby, and it still is, but I think I’d like to share some of what I’m doing.

I figure Bandcamp is a good place to start, but I’m going to need to figure out how to solidify ownership of my work and all that technical unfun stuff, and see what my options are in terms of self-releasing music.


I have a 4 tracks dark dubstep in progress, 3 tracks done. So first off, finish that and flog it to a label.
Next I want to sit down and write a proper synth pop song, like Vamos A La Playa by Righeira or Enola Gay. I’m not joking.

Then more half tempo industrial dub stuff and I wouldn’t mind releasing a sample pack sometimes.


Take a long break…than get a midi keyboard. Maybe get bitwig and a new computer. And play with music. And archive said music in the asshole of the internet so that nobody finds it…


Yet we carry on!


I think my new years resolution was finish tracks,

but its May now and my love of Polyend tracker had led me to this free Russian music program called “Sunvox”,
You basically build your sounds with modules that you wire together on the screen then sequence them with the built in tracker.
Thing is i only watched this 11 minute youtube tutorial and i was away with it, quite liberating when you’ve been using a linear DAW for the last 20 years.


so like VCV Rack but with a tracker? That’s cool.


Much easier than VCV racks, like a very simplified Reaktor.

For example choose a “out” module, then choose a “FM” module, drag mouse from FM module to out module which connects them and instant FM synth which you can play on your midi keyboard or sequence in the tracker.


Practice practice practice


Musical plans for this year:

Make more. Not as glib as it first sounds.


Nah, that is a good one. Especially since I did fuck all in 2020.


Found quite a chunk of stuff I’ve uploaded and not ‘published’. Doh :smiley:


I finally got around to releasing all my stuff though it be unmastered… I’d been planning to make this a year of pumping out music and hopefully in time make it something I could justify spending more time with but with how the music scene is dying in the UK, i’m feeling pretty bleak about the hope I had for this, how’re the rest of you doing at this time where scenes are dying?


Don’t despair @Petajaja. The “Scene” is made by the music makers… keep making music and the scene will never die… although it does smell funny occasionally… :sneezing_face:


I’ll definitely keep making music so long as I have food to eat, a place to live and the electricity for my gear but that’s something I’m becoming less and less confident I’ll continue to have with the way life’s gone for me over the pandemic.

I doubt I’ll ever get or want to play any gigs here in the UK with the way they’ve clamped down on venues, it doesn’t seem like an at all enjoyable experience anymore. I hope illegal raves become more of a thing again as that’s the only way I see a worthwhile music scene thriving here again.

Thanks for the hope though! I’m sure we / I’ll find a way, always have :slight_smile:


At the moment, I’m going to release my second set for parties in the club. I also plan to cooperate with the ghost production store and buy tracks from them for my sets. Now funky and disco house directions are gaining very popularity. So I’ll try to launch a couple of tracks in the club, let’s see what happens. I also wanted to pump my skill in adobe audition. Since the skills are at the initial stage so far.


I think Im done music wise for the foreseeable future…

I’ve reached my music goals
And I’m able to and have translated the sounds in my head into actuality.

If I were to keep at it…I would just feel empty and soulless…because I’ve exhausted all my creativity and passion…even though I can spend time progressing my technical skills…it would become more of a chore as opposed to being creative and having fun.

But time is short and for me I had my time with music and now it’s time for me to move on from it.
It was fun. Thanks for all your help.


I’ll still pop in occasionally on idmf like Dr pimple popper though. So ttyl.

[idm/glitch] xvf - bye and stuff