The philosophy thread (reminder philosophy is not politics nor conspiracy theories)



Nature mirrors itself to a degree…for instance compare human society to the social structure of ants and or bees…if you ever get depressed and have feels about your purpose in life…just remember that your a more evolved bee who’s purpose is to make honey, and help pollinate plants in other words you directly or indirectly play a role in maintaining the homeostasis of the ecosystem… asteroids hit earth a couple of times wiping out the dinosaurs, and other life on earth, so maybe we evolved to act as white blood cells to protect earth from asteroids, and not to be a cancer to the earth’s ecosystem…


Love that thought! Yes, maybe we just haven’t fulfilled our true destination as the protectors of the Earth’s ecosphere yet :smiley:


That’s a powerful and insightful metaphor… I’m going to put that in my stash of clever concepts to astonish people and redirect bonehead conversations about Global Warming… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


If I’m not mistaken I think that the native Americans and a few other ethnic groups came up with the belief of being keepers of the earth before me, I could be wrong


I think this kinda fits in here - an unexpected deep and personal conversation about suffering from loss and grief and seeing it as a gift, a way to connect to, love and understand others, acknowledge their suffering, build better relationships and experience the fullness of humanity:


The Double Slit Experiment
When I seen this first it blew my mind. It raises so many questions about reality.

The animation is clearly aimed at a young demographic, but the video is really interesting none-the-less and explains the experiment clearly.


True… but the concept of having “evolved” for that purpose versus being “put here” for that purpose is what struck me as especially relevant… not to mention ironic, because it implies that even though we evolved to be capable of destroying the earth (nature/diverse environment) we also evolved to be able to save it… and ourselves.

So we are neither hopeless nor helpless… I like that! :sunglasses:


That video is the best representation of that concept I’ve seen…

As Einstein once said “God does not play dice…” well… apparently He does… but Only when you are not looking :eyes:

Hey! I just had an epiphany! :thinking:This is the mechanism that allows Free Will to exist.

And to think I learned this from idle chat with a bunch of quirky knob twiddlers… :control_knobs: the world is a strange and lovely place… :ghost:


random thoughts

culture of darwinism…

whatever path you decide to take you’ll wind up where your at pending upon your own fortitude, skills, knowledge, and whichever opportunities are at your disposal

the moves you make determines your status/role and you gotta fight to earn your status and there will always be a challenger/rival to make better deals with others offering alternatives to what you can bring to the table

its a balance of natural innate qualities, work, and hustle…being that sometimes its not primarily one or the other its case by case

sometimes its simply flick of the switch and sometimes its the circumstances of how/when/what/who or whatever

sometimes its just a fight for resources, and other times its to earn a seat at the table to earn a voice for determining the best course for whatever ecosystem your in…depends on what the situation is…

also sorry, but love comes with conditions and is earned…its only after a while that love becomes true

and sometimes its like dogs sniffing each others buts to see whether or not they like each other…

everyone has biases… shrug

meh… observations where i quantify and classify human behavior…

blah blah blah blah blah…

black hole sun


Social status is mostly decided by lineage and wealth.

If you’re born into a famous or wealthy “high status family”, you automatically inherit their status (no fighting is needed).

Likewise, if you’re born into a poor/workingclass family, you automatically inherit the status of belonging to the poor workingclass (and no amount of figthing is likely to change that).

“Social mobility” is possible, in theory, but it’s much harder than most people seem to realise.

Well, - unless you want a lower status than you already have…

The illusory idea that you can fight your way to almost any status, if you just work hard enough and believe in yourself, - it’s at the heart of “the American dream”, isn’t it?

…but for most people it simply isn’t true.

Educating yourself is perhaps the most likely path to “social climbing”, - but I’ve seen several surveys that concluded that changin your status by way of education is so rare, that it doesn’t really make statistical sense to aim for it.

Which is partly due to the quality of the educations that are available to the workingclass - and the reasons for this.

I’m getting into politics here, though, which the thread isn’t supposed to do.

Carlin was a master at putting it into words:


Interesting points about lineage however the arguement as a whole seems to be too self defeatist…and I have to disagree…

But The wealth having to do with status point I do agree with even though I dont like the idea…

And maybe Also the american dream thing which imo is just a marketing gimmick…to make you think that you need a Bugatti veyron or the latest iphone…on this I might agree with you.



Perhaps you’re right.

I can understand why some people choose to fight, but in my own experience fighting rarely makes things better.

So I try to let go of ambition and accept the hand I’ve been dealt instead, - preferring peace over fighting whenever possible.

…even if my social status here, where I live, is probably somewhere around “village idiot” :grin:

In fact, it’s sometimes kind of useful to be generally regarded as useless - since no sane person would try to use someone they regard as such.


Yeah, some are ambitious, and some chose camoflauge…pending upon certain things there is nothing wrong with choosing either…I guess it depends on how it’s done and what the reasons are…and what the situation is

Like water, water can become vapor, can become ice, can be liquid, can provide and can take away…


I think you both are right, bfk from a personal perspective and Armrest from a more socio-political viewpoint that shouldn’t be taken as a blueprint for (non-)action. In terms of wealth inequality, some social scientists and economists argue that it takes a few centuries on average for a very wealthy or very poor family to more or less regress back to the mean or median. Even decades after revolutions you still see the offspring of old powerful families in new positions of power on average. The reproduction of status differences is strong.
But of course, the average doesn’t really mean anything for individuals…


The Chiron is better. Just saying.

The best, if it ever was the best, won’t be for long, and there’s no such thing as enough. There never has been enough, and if there ever is, I’d be afraid to see that world.

My dream car is a Chiron, for now…


My dream car is anything that runs drives and will take an inspection sticker,oh and no rust.
been tough since my jeep caught fire.:cry:


Our neighbours can’t seem to get over the fact that we don’t have a car. They have 2 cars and and a minibus and seem to drive everywhere, even if it’s really close.

But since the busses here actually work pretty well, and all the basic shops we need are within walking distance, we don’t really need a car.

I sometimes dream about huge modular syntesizers, though. If I had a Bugatti, I would probably try to trade it for a modular.


Supercars are useless and overrated.

I drove a Mazda RX-8 for ten years, and it was the most fun you could have on four wheels. It was underpowered by sports car standards, but it handled like a supercar.

There’s nothing more boring than a car where you can only tap on the gas. What you really want for fun is something that lets you go full throttle and really make use of what it has to give on a regular basis.


My dream car is a Chiron, but yeah I’m aware that it’s a ridiculous car. That excessiveness is why I want one actually. There are many cars that have high performance you’ll never use (which to me is a luxury itself) and there are luxury cars that provide comfort/elegance/style and so on. The Chiron combines what most people think of as luxury and status with that completely excessive (read: luxurious) performance so seamlessly in a way I’ve never seen any other car do. My point in calling out that car though, was that even THAT isn’t enough for some people, the engineers at Bugatti are working on something else because even the Chiron isn’t enough. My point in calling out that car was that even if you worked hard enough to afford the best that money could buy, you would eventually find that even the best wasn’t good enough. That’s what I think the human condition is, whatever you’re talking about. Synths, cars, houses, planets (the way we’re using it, the earth isn’t enough). Humanity (as a whole, there are of course individual exceptions) looks at whatever you give them, and it wants more, for better or worse.