Softsynths & FX Thread


i upgraded my komplete from 8 to 12!
will be getting massive x with that.
hope the hype is correct.


also found these,kinda handy,maybe

vst-sampler libs n stuff freeeeeeeeeee


I had a crazy amount of softsynths on my Mac which I’d built up over 11 years however when I got a new hardrive I was very selective what I reinstalled…,…

On my Mac at the moment:
Omnisphere (a must for me)
U-he (diva/ace/repro)
NI Komplete
AD Phosphor (love the simplicity)
Arturia (all the usual suspects)

and with the bundled stuff you get with live I have no desire for anymore…well maybe Massive X


I’m not comparing it to the actual Sequential Circuits synths when I say this, but Repro is so fucking good. I really can’t enough of it.


All the u-he stuff is like that for me. They’re not always the right tool for the job, but there’s not a single offering from them that I think is ‘meh’. I probably use Satin more than I should…


Yea, at this point I really want Diva. Ended up going back to Serum as my workhorse for bread and butter stuff. Satin is on the master bus of my standard template and I work into it. Can’t say enough good things about Presswerk either, I really don’t use another compressor.

Satin is glorious for dirty flange and chorus. Also, really like the Space Echo and Kopy Kat emulation pre-sets.


i have Diva,good synth,a little resource heavy but the sounds are really great.


I like my U-he plugins too, Repro,Diva and Ace get used all the time, colourcopy is good too.

Repro and diva are a bit hungry on my 2008 Mac, but that’s life.


Haha. Been wanting Color Copy!


i am really getting used to using rp stuff often,blue2,and predator2 mostly.
diva,and zebra i have to be in a certain dunno mood?
i find myself using diversion alot as well.really hot growly sounds.
i am incorporating some vcv patches for live as well.but thats taking a bit,can’t stop fiddling.


So my remix project for the current sub IDMF thingy, I used Monark(which I believe is a completely free VST), with some type or purchase or simply free now, is pretty awesome. Yay Monark.


Yea Monark isn’t free. It might come free w some products or bundles, but the NI website lists it at $99


yeah i got it when i upgraded komplete to 12.its one of a few reaktor6 ensembles.
also stuff you may or may not know…
sylenth1 beta 3.5 is out.
Diversion updated to 1.4
Gladiator updated to 3.0
that is all.


Hmm, I guess mine came with something.


I think they started giving it away instead of Massive when they knew Massive X was coming out.


Massive X looks (aesthetically) about as appealing as Microsoft word


That may be possible. It may be possible it was apart of the Maschine base set I bought but don’t own anymore.

Which I must include, if you are buying a used NI controller, always find out if the software is included. I don’t know NI policy there but I was never asked to give my software back when I traded back my Maschine. So I don’t know how that goes after the fact.


i kind of like the design, it’s that modern NI style, at least they’re not going for old-school looks where plugins have screws lol (unless they add some screwdriver vst so i could take their virtual hood off and peek inside). M X does look like nicely designed Reaktor Blocks build, I see where they were aiming at. In general I do have a problem with some developers over-engineering plug-in GUI: lots of moving parts, unnecessary animations and colours, trying to make simple things look more complex, hiding functions under different names. M X is not a case here, it looks very sparse and just by looking at these screens I already get the idea how it all works., But what’s with that Gorilla thing? Oscillator? If I press on it will it make gorilla grunts? If so, yes, please. Also it’s kind of interesting that noise module has own icons for different noise types. Not a fan of such designs because they serve no purpose but that’s clearly for aesthetics. And why that LFO switcher is so massive? (no pun)


I was looking forward to Massive X, but now with the release of that Beautiful Noire piano i’ll probably be waiting for Komplete 13 upgrade to get my moneys worth (i currently own komplete 11)

In case you didn’t hear the first time, that Beautiful piano…

But its just another sampled piano, yes but that Particles engine is outhere…


but but i just bought 12 !