Softsynths & FX Thread


Serum also good. Had it a longer while now.


Cleanliness played a good part to why I’m liking it.


There are lots of free alt Serum skins available, probably thousands or at least hundreds of them by now… might be worth to check out for people who already have Serum but don’t like the interface.

I like nearly everthing about Vital, but not working much with it since I like some options in other synths better, especially everything related to resynthesis in Icarus.


That’s cool. I’ll look into it. Not gonna lie…I have a lot of Serum preset packs I"d like to keep using so that’s a better option!


Also, because I’m bored cooking in the kitchen.

Valhalla DSP Delay. Go buy it and never use another delay again.


True that. Got it about two years ago, goes multiple places on every mix now. Entire songs are built around it (and yes that’s plural as in half a dozen songs or so). Best 50 dollars I ever spent on a plugin, and I also have vintage verb and valhalla room. Those are some high marks to beat at 50 dollars, but delay does it.


Vintage verb is on every track I’ve produced since I got it, original or no.


Yea, I basically only use Vintage Verb for reverb now. With the “clean” or “modern” setting included (whatever turns the plug in white) + the other settings i don’t really need anything else. The delay seems the same way.

I really can’t praise Valhalla DSP enough, I really hope that guy is making a mint off his work. I mean, even my 5 year old $600 laptop can handle lots of instances of his plug ins.