Softsynths & FX Thread


Serum also good. Had it a longer while now.


Cleanliness played a good part to why I’m liking it.


There are lots of free alt Serum skins available, probably thousands or at least hundreds of them by now… might be worth to check out for people who already have Serum but don’t like the interface.

I like nearly everthing about Vital, but not working much with it since I like some options in other synths better, especially everything related to resynthesis in Icarus.


That’s cool. I’ll look into it. Not gonna lie…I have a lot of Serum preset packs I"d like to keep using so that’s a better option!


Also, because I’m bored cooking in the kitchen.

Valhalla DSP Delay. Go buy it and never use another delay again.


True that. Got it about two years ago, goes multiple places on every mix now. Entire songs are built around it (and yes that’s plural as in half a dozen songs or so). Best 50 dollars I ever spent on a plugin, and I also have vintage verb and valhalla room. Those are some high marks to beat at 50 dollars, but delay does it.


Vintage verb is on every track I’ve produced since I got it, original or no.


Yea, I basically only use Vintage Verb for reverb now. With the “clean” or “modern” setting included (whatever turns the plug in white) + the other settings i don’t really need anything else. The delay seems the same way.

I really can’t praise Valhalla DSP enough, I really hope that guy is making a mint off his work. I mean, even my 5 year old $600 laptop can handle lots of instances of his plug ins.


Got Thorn on the Plugin Alliance sale today.

It makes a screaming noise and crashes my DAW constantly. I was able to prove it wasn’t a different plug by switching it for another and the problems went away. Bring it back and DAW is crashing again.

I’ve raised a support request with Plugin Alliance, awaiting response.


Strange, never had any issue with it.


Ok so the VST3 is bad. It is very unstable. Took a bit of fiddling but I was able to load the VST2 version. I’m not crazy about its stability and resource usage but it at least isn’t crashing my DAW.


Yea. Ive not yet installed the VST3 version of anything.


Thinking on it this is the first VST3 I’ve had any hassle with.


I like plate reverbs.


Response from DS Audio:

Thanks for reaching out.

Below is a list of Digital Audio workstations that we use for testing our currently released and unreleased plugins:

  • Pro Tools 12.8 & Higher
  • Apple Logic Pro X
  • Ableton Live 10
  • Steinberg Cubase 9.5+
  • Studio One 4+
  • Universal Audio Luna

While the above DAWs are the ones we test on, we do strive to make our products work in all DAWs that support VST2.4/VST3, AU, and AAX. Please make sure to do a 14-day free trial and check the individual product page before purchasing to make sure that your OS and DAW are supported.

If you are using another DAW that is not on the list above and are experiencing issues, you can check out our Support Center where you may find articles concerning your issue.

So basically they were saying fuck you. Good to know. The whole point of VSTs is that they work in any DAW if written properly. I’ve seen several articles about shonky stability and resource usage but figured at $30 not the biggest risk. Glad I didn’t pay full price I’d have been very annoyed.

But this is the first and last time DS Audio get any of my hard earned.


I feel you. FL Studio is still a second-class citizen to some plugin makers. I have a handful from Exponential Audio that I got all on sale, where they only output in mono. This is a company that is part of Izotope which is now merged with Native Instruments, so not a small company. And their solution is to use VST3 in newer version of FL than I’m currently running. I look forward to checking them out when I get my next computer, but I’m not re-installing my DAW to fix 3 plugins.


I feel you on that. I don’t think Elektron has ever specifically listed FL Studio in their Over Bridge documentation so I’ve given up on it.


I run the VST3 of Thorn in Bitwig 4.0.5 (and previously 3.x) and have absolutely no problems with it o.O Stable as can be, and low resource use. Maybe I’m just lucky. I’m running VST3 x64 v1.2.2 atm.


iOS Korg Electribe Wave is pretty cool. It isn’t Serum on iPad but itll give me quick access to some modern digital sounds on a easy sequencer to record loops into the SP-16.


I had added Thorn to my default template for future use but removed it.

Glad it works for people elsewhere but given that in my environment it stinks I won’t be adding it back in the forseeable. Combined with the poor attitutude of Thorn themselves I don’t see that changing.

Given their policy to anyone not using that tiny list of supported DAWs, if you hit problems then expect, like me, to be on your own. You’ll get a copy/paste of some wikis like I did.

Anyway, meanwhile…

Tried to automate MassiveX the other day. Well there’s a rabbit hole. It doesn’t :rofl:
You can fiddle some macros into automation but its unweidly as hell.

Naughty NI.