Reason vs Ableton vs Bitwig


I’m going to disagree with Ableton because I use arrangement view all the time. I take my session loops, work vertically to get a bunch of complimentary grooves going, then spread them out over time in the arrangement view and work primarily in that view from there on. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Quick update on MPE in Bitwig: it doesn’t work with all MPE synths atm… It’s perfect for the BW synths and some other VSTis, but for some synths, it can actually be better to use a workaround in Ableton with x MIDI tracks instead of just using it in Bitwig… I guess this stuff will be sorted out soonish, but a dev from Tone2 just wrote in KVR that the BW guys actually gave him a support ticket instead of just connecting him with the responsible programmers lol… well, nothing is perfect I guess?


I’m curious if anyone that hasn’t used Reason before or has, has any feedback on the 3 different packages you can buy it at. $99 / $399 / $599. I tried it once and enjoyed it but the DAW aspect wasn’t that great for me workflow-wise. Same as OP. It as a VST however, more intriguing. Obviously they don’t repack it price-wise so I’m curious if the offerings between the different available sets are worth, even at the low-end of $99. I remember it having a really cool synth and some sick drums(i think it was redrum?).

Not to side track the convo. I’ve not tried Bitwig but I remember them having some decent offerings, plus it was supposed to have an easy, to amazing, way to collab, right? Like a seamless process to make stuff work, if I remember. Maybe that never came to fruition.

Ableton has always been my baby. But out of the 3 I feel like Reason would maybe be the neatest to fuck around in, but the most difficult to build a complete thought, initially. With Ableton being easier and Bitwig possibly just as easy, depending on which you hooked into first. If you’re looking for controllers or a way to drop mousing, maybe Live takes a substantial lead here. No idea what Bitwig offers again, just know sometimes market shares % drives price up or down, depending.

At least, I assume controllers are more prevalent on Live which means 2nd-hand and even new stuff would be easier to find and cheaper.


I think the only difference is the amount of reason racks (reason « plugins ») that come at each price point. I’d say go middle of the road if you are going to use it as a plugin in ableton. I am really thinking of updating mine because I hate the sequencer but like the rack a lot.