Post a recent photo of yourself (IDMf's Most Hated Thread 2.0 Edition)


I love the resonator as it doubles as home defense. But ya, I really play more electronic singer/songwriter music and usually with an electric guitar. We hadn’t planned on doing a photo shoot, we already had some pics but she was not happy with them and wanted to do new ones and this was thus a bit impromptu cause someone had a good camera.


Got a bit of an 80’s Ted Koppel/ Kent Brockman hairdo going on right now.


Well, here goes… interesting to see what you all look like.


We need to do a People of IDMf calendar for next year. <3


That’s some sweet looking ink!


Recent Photo of CGI me looks a lot less discomforting then recent photo of real-world me.


We’ve been saying this for years. :stuck_out_tongue:




I’m in dire need of a shave…


Bored as fuck at work . . .




Seeeeee look at all these beautiful babies that need to be on a calendar showing some leg!


fuck yeah, I have a leg to spread


Wow! How long over how many sessions? About 90% done?


Quite a bit more done now than in that photo (that’s just one I had around).
Probably have logged about… 30 hours so far? I’d say it’s about 75%. I’d get it worked on for 8 hour sessions at a time, brutal haha.

back of the knee SUCKS to get inked.


You asked for it . . .


That’s the “city at worlds end”, I take it?

Looks epic!


Mmmmm…hmmmmm… <3[quote=“bbb, post:38, topic:222, full:true”]

You asked for it . . .


that is indeed! I started city at worlds end in 2005 and it wasn’t until a long time later I was like “aight this gonna be my full leg now” haha.

Probably another $3k worth of work to do on it though… shit is pricey


Damn that is pricey!

And good for getting something actually meaningful and timeless to you.

Those stories of regret for getting a partner’s name tattooed on, only for the quick and bitter dissolution of the relationship to follow.

You’ll have to post an updated shot when it’s finished.