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As to the KRKs comment…

Don’t you see he has that second chair in the back? It’s for mixing. :yum:


Well, his mixes sound great, so I think I’m doing something wrong. Got it, I’ll put mine under the table and outmix him x100.


Haha, well, yeah I generally slid the two side monitor edges out, and pushed inward… but I also have monitor headphones and did a lot of work in them.

I’ll have to post a photo of my CURRENT set up, I moved it all to my bedroom and my KRKs are on stands outside of the desk itself, so it’s much better. Drives my wife nuts though, It takes up like 12+ feet wide, haha.

It kind of sucks being a hardcore gamer too… because I have a warthog A-10C joystick/throttle and have to move synths and stuff when I want to game…

…bleh, currently trying to get into a house with a dedicated studio, I don’t even have room for my other synths… so it’s a constant cable clusterfuck everytime I want to use a single thing. Part of maybe why it takes me forever to produce shit. It’s always such a task of like… "uhh… I guess I’ll hook the virus up… " BLEHHH

Plus I miss my drumkit. I have a fully loaded roland TD-30k at my jam space that I want back to do some live drumming with my stuff. I also have a separate computer with a Cintiq 22" touch screen tablet for drawing/illustration… not enough room for 4 monitors AND two KRKs though.

never enough room… so done with the condo life.


Heh, yea. My space is way too small to side by side my screens. So one is next to my 76 key workstation, the other larger one is in front of my keyboard/mouse. Plus gaming with two screens would be lol. At least in a centered type game.

I do have to look 90 degrees to my left but it’s just additional anyway.


How do you like the cube, is that micro-ATX? I’ve never built with something like that. Looks really cool man.


The case is neat. Was only $60 and I’m able to orientate the Mobo either on its back or upright, as all of the sides come off. It has some rails you can place in different spots for fans or rads. Plus a massive 200mm front fan.

For the most part, I think I goofed on my micro ATX board. I seem to recall looking at a 4 slot RAM board, got a 2. As well as one with more fan headers(only one additional fan header after cou fan). I did look and cart so many different things but it isn’t a major thing. Having to molex the other fans which mean they’re not controlled unless I get a switch. Or something. But whatever.

Glad I did buy at least a 8 gig stick of ram. That way I can just get another for 16 gigs. Since I limited my dimm slots.

Anyway, love the case. Since I have it all up and running, I do want to take it back apart and play with my cables and toy around with the setup a bit. Take more pics, etc. Show the case off. I just found it so neat.


Here’s the photos of my gaming machine. That first picture is right side up, the case is a bequiet DBP 900 configured to the inverted layout. Only cables really running through the main chamber are graphics card power and the tubes for the CPU radiator in the front of the case.


easily the sexiest thing I’ve seen in 2019 so far. great pic bro


Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh


SSD is a nice upgrade from an HDD, but when I upgraded to my first SSD I was kinda let down. Boot time certainly was a lot faster, but I leave my computer on a lot anyway so booting isn’t a big issue for me. General operation I just didn’t really feel a significant improvement. I’m not sure which SSD I got, but this was back in 2012, and I was upgrading from a 5200 RPM HDD I believe, I think Western Digital.

The M.2, however, is freakin’ AWESOME. I love it. I got the PCIE M.2 (compared to the SSD M.2, the PCIE is MUCH faster, altho the SSD M.2 is still a whole lot faster than normal SSD, but the PCIE is definitely the option to go for). I do experience an occasional bug with my M.2 drive, where if my computer is off for a while, when I boot it up BIOS seems to forget that the M.2 drive is there, but I just have to physically unplug the computer from power, and plug it back in, and it’s good to go. Minor inconvenience for being on the cutting edge, imo. But freakin’ I absolutely recommend M.2.

SSD for me just felt so anti-climactic, after everything I’d heard about it, about how much faster it was. Boot was faster, I think I had like a minute boot on my HDD, and like 20 seconds on my SSD, but everything else… seemed pretty much the same. But, again, this was in 2012, and my SSD I got on a black friday deal and so maybe it was actually like a really low end one or something.


Post-CES AMD update, if anyone cares:

tl;dr - If you’re waiting on Ryzen 3, don’t. It’s too far out to know if it works and how it works and what it costs, and it’s not likely to drive prices down right now. If you buy Ryzen now, you can upgrade to the new ones when they show up, but right now, nothing’s really changed. Intel still rules the roost on top end performance, AMD’s winning on consumer prices.

I’m ready to upgrade, so I’m probably going to go with a Ryzen 2600 and see if it works with all my software. If not, I’ll return and go Intel, but right now that seems like the path forward for me, specifically regarding audio work. I can reevaluate in a year or two and drop in a new chip if necessary.

Nerd stuffs:

No news is shitty news. New graphics card I don’t care about to compete with Nvidia’s 1080Ti. Ryzen 3000 coming Q2/Q3 (so as late as Oct-Nov '19), and while the tech was demoed, things like clock speeds and cores aren’t set in stone, and neither is pricing (since they’re related) - literally nothing to back up the speed/cores/pricing screenshots from December.

The chip they demoed was high end to compete with an i9-9900K (i9 at stock, Ryzen speed unspecified), while pulling less power. That suggests that there’s potential room for overclocking or higher stock speeds, but their “7nm process” is unproven, so who knows. In that specific test they’re either matching/beating Intel at IPC, or Ryzen 3/Zen 2’s architecture is seriously optimized for Cinebench. The performance was about 15% in Ryzen 3’s favor. Of course, we also don’t know if they’ll burst into flames or erase your drives while fucking your wife, since it’s completely untested tech.

What we do know is that Ryzen will work on the AM4 platform, which means the chips will be drop-in replacements for current Ryzen chips (likely with a mandatory BIOS upgrade on the motherboards). They’ll also be concurrent with the 500 series chipsets which support PCIE 4.0, which I’m sure will be a must-have for someone, but not for me. So interesting things on the horizon, but they’re mostly as far out as they were before the announcement.


Oh yeah, AMD is heavily favored in cinebench as it’s one of the few programs that can really make use of that many cores. As for the 7 nm process, it’s the same TSMC process that’s in Apple’s i-products and a few others right now. But basically, phones have it and it’s been fine so far. But definitely, the architecture they’re building out of that process needs to be proven before I’d drop money on it. I wanted so badly to get Ryzen when it came out, but I ended up going with intel because memory and bios compatibility/stability were much better than Ryzen when it first came out. I hear it’s solid now, and I imagine the 3000 series ryzen won’t have as many issues at launch, but I still expect a few hiccups along the way. When they say it’s out in October, the earliest I’d buy it is December.


I’ll be sticking AMD but mainly just because everything I’ve ever built has been that. But it doesn’t really matter what the next thing is because I hopefully won’t need anything else for many many years. :laughing:


Ryzen sounds incredible as it stands.

also @Artificer I commend your technical knowledge, I feel like an amateur enthusiast PC builder now. :slight_smile: <3


Lol yeah. But it’s still fun to do.


Watching this thread as my interest is in discovering what you guys prefer for music production. I built this rig mid 2017 for gaming and music, but only use it for music now.


Instagram post of me putting it together, there are multiple photos: https://www.instagram.com/p/BV1jdAQD_ZS/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet


Oh wow. Is that price AU money? Super expensive and the CPU isn’t even priced yet.


Yeah it’s in AUD which would mean about 30% less in USD. The CPU was roughly $450AUD if I recall correctly.


In my experience, a rig with gaming in mind will make a killer machine for music production :slight_smile: as long as you have decent RAM and a good CPU, DAWs aren’t that resource intensive at all unless you’re using like 8 tracks of 20+ minute wav stems and more.


And damn, nice. That looks like a sexy rig for both!