Noteworthy music albums/eps/whatever you think stand out


we must have dug the same hole cause I know all of them (except maybe blamstrain) and I can see why you picked them too


PREACH. That album and “Nothing is Real” are the best of Benn’s modern work. He’s a fucking legend. I also really love his old school breakcore stuff. Talented guy. Very worthy of being on any list.


haha damn… I forgot what a wacky and awesome album this was. He’s kind of the last of his kind as far as warp idm super stars go, that I know of anyway.

Clark has insane chops obviously, and there are a ton of fantastic moments but somehow it never gelled the way aphex stuff does. It often ended up sounding like he was pressuring himself to do as many crazy tricks and transitions as he could because he was standing in the shadows of giants. So that always ends up erking me a little when I listen to his stuff.

Still, he’s a great talent for sure.


This album.


I’d put here anything by Emptyset.


Ruby my dear altair ep really cant go wrong with tracks like uber bass and chewbacca orgasm…