New wave, synth pop, dark wave, minimal etc






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An absolute favorite…







I love electronic music in general, but I’ve been mainly a New Wave guy since the '80s.

People forget how experimental New Wave was in its prime because it’s mostly the radio hits that people remember. New Wave was the experimental heart of electronic music during the '80s, and electronic music never would have been so innovative during the '90s without it.


Yeah it’s a shame that Yazoo didn’t last long. Vince Clarke is an amazing composer and Alison Moyet is probably my favorite synthpop vocalist ever.


Upstairs at Eric’s is a great album. I either get “Holy shit, I remember this!” or “Holy shit, this is really good” when I show it to people. Overlooked and underrated.


Speaking of which, have you seen the show The Americans? In season 3 they feature that album, and I about fell out of my chair. There’s an interesting bathroom scene set to Don’t Go :slight_smile:


Oh hell yeah, just came across this new wave classic by accident.




Because they shouldn’t be forgotten.


What is it? EBM? Sounds really cool!