iZotope/Soundwide discontinuing many plugins


I somehow never really liked Neutron. I had the first two versions, but the thing I liked most about it, the Transient Shaper, was best in version 1 imho, since you need two more clicks to get three basic bands since v2. Since then I never upgraded it again. For EQ, multiband compression and distortion, I like the Fabfilter stuff much better these days. But I still use the v1 Transient Shaper of Neutron often…

Ohmicide is cool, looking forward to see what they do for the v2!

I’m not using it much, too, but there simply is no other option for when I really want to do something with the time-dependent spectral filter…


Yeah, you are probably right. I’m still using Alchemy, even on the new system I got recently it still works fine and Camel was gobbled up by Apple 7 years ago…


Wow, that is particularly bad. Nonsensical and not even “catchy”.

Will Peugeot re-brand to that crap? That would be quite something in France, since Peugeot is one of the oldest car brands there (with Renault and Citroën).


No, the individual brands are still around, they’re just all owned by Stellantis. Fiat owns Ferrari somewhere under that umbrella, no way you give up brand recognition like that.


sucks they are discontinuing those, i forgot my izotope email+password so i dont know if i can update stutteredit

im lucky i got them when i did, trash 2 is really good


If you can’t find anything about your email or serial, maybe check in your windows registry for the ID or challenge/response codes of your StutterEdit copy and ask iZotope support which email is associated with it. I have had very good experiences with iZotope support in the past.