Is deadmau5 or skrillex still relevant


Is that like how breakcore artists get all sorts of crazy glitches and cuts out of just moving a few faders?


To catch you up—that is exactly what I was saying/we were discussing. The conclusion so far is that many of those artists can actually mix records but don’t at the mega festivals for reasons I’m not going to repeat. This includes Deadmau5.

No idea what the crowds drug of choice has to do with anything, but no…pretty sure people still do drugs at mega festivals. Edit: I’m just curious what this would have to do with the discussion since the artists can’t control how the crowd parties.


Renoise linked to a midi mpc player with finger drumming and a kaossilator pad linked to buffer override for fx…in theory…

Or they could trigger premade sample using midi drums or guitar like the flashbulb…

Off topic sorry…

Id rather see someone wig out to finger drumming awesome sounds than someone just pressing play.


well of course that would be alot more intriguing but at the end of the day, edm is a way to make the labels and such more money. i honestly don’t understand how entertainment survives. but pressing play all goes back to the 360 deal concepts imo.- will respond more my sister just got here :slight_smile:


You good friend. Take your time. The convo will be here. I’m not very interested in seeing “press play” performances myself. And money is certainly a factor!


lol YEARS later lol. jk i’m going through sobriety so i’m a little on edge


Hey man! Good for you. I’ve recently quit smoking weed and am working on the booze.


Good choices, gentlemen. You’ve got this. Not a day goes by when I regret doing the same