IDMf0XX: Date Night: Submission Open. Deadline 01/04/2019


i’m not gonna participate heavily in this because variety, so I wish everyone the best :slight_smile:


Don’t play that game, you know we love the diversity you bring :slight_smile:


Not about me, now go make some bangers everyone


Damn, now I start feeling bad about my two dates :grin:

But since it’s just dates allowed and not everybody likes collabs, especially when deadlines are involved, maybe it makes sense when some people make two or even more submissions, just to guarantee a good pool of tracks?
In the end, it’s all just submissions, I’m confident the netlabel team will select great contributions as always :raised_hands:


Dug into tonight. I have to say @jbvdb493 gave me some really amazing material to work with. If this turns out well itll be because of the source material.


So who’d like to step up and manage this?


I would be willing to participate if anyone is feeling lonely. Remix or collab, I would be willing to contribute either source material or whatever skills I could throw into the pile. Is this at all connected to the supergroup collab?


I’m game! interested in remixing someone.

if anyone wants any stems of my tracks hmu


Unless anyone is opposed, I can step up and manage this. Or if a group of you guys want to co-manage the release in a private group?


Just a suggestion–I think the only thing that really needs to be kept private is the voting. Which can easily be done over a group PM which basically acts like a private thread. But again that is 1000% just a suggestion.

People had been calling for a return to crowd sourcing and forum-wide voting on titles and album art, so that is something to consider.


Ah, the good old days! I wouldn’t mind seeing this return at all.

Good suggestions relic


Feeling like a little ugly girl at a school dance with no date! All the pretty cheerleader types are getting their dance cards filled ever so quickly :wink::grinning:


I got in touch with someone over the weekend, waiting to hear back. I don’t want to go ask a bunch of people now and end up on half the album on accident.


Exactly my problem, haha. Me and Vlantis’ track might not end up working out due to some technical difficulties.

@TvMcC - I’ll gladly pick you up bro :wink: As it seems, maybe if some of us all have a couple tracks each, would be a cool mix up and demonstration of flavors


At this point it is up to ya’ll how you feel about people having multiple appearances on the release–no reason not to have that discussion here if anyone has an opinion on it.


Anyone got any stems going that i could have a bash at? i have metasides last EPs stems but was that intended for a different release?


I might maybe be able to dig something up for ya.


that would be sound!


I will get you stems (and midi if you want it) from one of my least finished ideas from the recent album writing month.


I’m going to be uploading some stuff for XiTau, I can send you a DropBox link as well. I’ve got a lot on my plate musically, so I guess it would be more of a remix situation, but what I’ll be uploading is more an aborted idea than something finished.

We decided on this collab compilation because of the collab ideas in Community Projects. So submissions could come from that or not. Are intention was to harness that collab energy that was already going on the forum.