IDMf067 VA - IDMf Retrospective Vol. 1

"Dear Jazzyspoon,

Wow, what a craaaazy sophomore year it’s been! I’m so glad you n I have become close. Mr. Banwaa was the WORST geometry teacher amirite? SOOOO BORING. N e wayz, thank u for always bein such a good listener and being there when things weren’t always easy. I’ll never forget when my house burned down and I was living in a hotel for months n u sent me that midi controller n told me “to never stop making music”. You da man, 4 realzies. Remember when I signd you to that random San Francisco label and we put out a CD together? That was super rad <3 I hope u know how much I love u and how I will 4eva remember the gr8 times we’ve shared. I cherish ur music close 2 my hart. Here’s 2 many more years to come :wink: Never 4get me, buddy. Best frenz 4 lyfe. Have a gr8 summer d00dz. Your #1 friend always, Wayne Fiddy Baker"

Fidelium 2008
“Mastering Mixes on Milk-crates”


Thank you for the shout out, Rick and all of you guys. This really warms the cockles of my heart to see all of these tracks from different places on the IDMf catalogue, on a release that totally reinterprets their original form and place here. I remember each of these individual tracks distinctly, whether it was mastering them, mixing them, or arguing with Nathan (Permutated/Terrapin) over whether or not they should be included on the release. Again, he’ll never read this but I’m gonna throw him some love anyway…

With all these props and all this love thrown my way, I gotta flow it all toward the person who is the original OG mastermind behind the IDMf Netlabel, and that’s him. You wanna know who really blazed the trail? It’s mothafuckin Permutated. He started all of this, it was his brainchild… yes I was there with a few others to help work out the details, but we were all learning together. It was a beautiful moment of my life. I would have never had the privilege of handling all of y’alls incredible music without him bringing me into the fold way back when we were releasing IDMf001. I remember him blowing up my phone back in 2008 at like 2AM telling me that “sending a pre-master as an .mp3 is ridiculous.” Woops. I’ve come a long way LOL.

I loved working with Nathan on IDMf from the beginning up until he decided to leave to focus on his family. We were a special yin and yang. He was always much more critical, while I was the one who always wanted to greenlight every track submitted. If it were up to me, our compilations would be 150 tracks long, and if it were up to him, they would probably be 1 or 2 lol. We spent hours on the phone or on chat discussing, sometimes literally yelling at each other, why this track was great or why this track didn’t cut it. To this day he is still one of my close friends and WE STILL DO THIS when we talk about music, and I gotta say, if you don’t have a buddy like that, someone who you deeply respect musically while also completely differ with on aesthetic tastes, I suggest you find one.

Not everyone liked him here, and he certainly rubbed a lot of you the wrong way, but without him, there would be no Jazzyspoon, no Halogen, no Synaecide, no IG88, no Anodyne Industries, no Atra Aeterna, no Fidelium, and many more. In turn, I’ll take credit for several others telling him so-and-so artist had to be included or he’s a moron, and ya know what, he listened. Yin and yang.

I am long-winded as usual, I’m just full of good memories from this release. In closing I’ll say that what I am seeing now with this current dynamic, @Manton and @RFJ, you guys have got me excited about things to come for this little netlabel project… stoked for the amazing music to come. The fact that we are on RELEASE MOTHAFUCKING NUMBER ZERO SIX SEVEN… that truly makes me soul glow. Thank you to you both for what you’re doing and I am happy to be a part of it still in any way I am needed.


Ȋ̴̛̼͈̳̲̺̣̱̬́̌͝D̷̺̮̮̩̬͜͠ͅM̶̧̫̭̄͂f̷̨̦̳̾̋͂ ̵̣̼͚̬̰̥̀͆̆̎͑͝ͅN̶̛̯̯̞̠͚̣̿͊́͑̋̔͘͜e̶̥͓̖͍͓̘̔́t̸̤̅͗͝l̶̜̖̣̈́̎̀̏͐͑͝͝ǎ̶̩̘̯́̿͗̕b̸̛͈̤̟̥̻͛̈͐͐͠ë̸̡̜̦̣̻́l̷̮̰̬̘͚̗̩̤̔̂͆̊̍ ̸͉̠͎̈́͂̅͗̅̾̓͐4̶̭̗̭͓̳͙̲̀̊͒̌ ̶͕̗̱̌̅͆̚L̷̢̖͓͙̘̃̔͋y̶͔̼̖͍͍̣̔̂̐͗̈́̿f̷̞͉̹͕̤͌̉͑̆̃̃͘͝ẻ̶͉̍͌̏͠


:rofl: the next retrospective should be yearbook themed.


That’s so American… I had no idea what a yearbook was till saw American Pie :trumpet:, well movies in general and always thought it referred to a diary, which I guess in way it is…
Anyway… Carry on I’m not relevant t :wink::+1:

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We have yearbooks in down under in ‘Straya.

Yes that’s what I was saying I had no idea back in the 90s what a yearbook was until I saw it in movies think 80s actually thinking back to the future. Never had them at any schools I went to in Uk, so in my head was always assumed it was something the states did. Just a mindset at that time.
Dont think Google was even a concept then let alone chat gpt :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:


now I’m just being an annoying bitch suicide

Anyway… IDMf is on Spotify! Shit man, I should see if I can put in a Spotify embed code…


Yeah bro, give that a whirl.

Got it!

Shows 30 second snippets only. not sure if I can modify that yet. Probably it’s because not everyone is subscribed to spotify.

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Can do it in black and compact too:

Kind of glitchy though. It’s crashed my tab a few times from repeatedly editing the post, but when I open this page back up it’s back again.

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I should also mention to add to my post halfway down this thread that a lot of the tracks selected for these retrospectives were actually highly downloaded/purchased tracks based on Bandcamp metrics. So, it a way it’s like a “greatest hits”.


A truly remarkable and impressive effort @Manton

I listened to about half yesterday and was interrupted by the “Real World”

These are great tracks with that IDMf vibe and every one of them a quality production.

I’ll finish listening soon and looking forward to the rest of your latterly monumental effort. :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::pray::v::sunglasses::sparkles:


oh snap I haven’t been around for quite some time. I was checking out the recent drops and realized one of my tracks was chosen for this. Sick, honored to be on the dancefloor with y’all again.

Nice curation @Manton


Welcome back @nose!

a lot has changed around here in the last 6 months. Feel free to poke around