IDMf054 Manton - Don't Panic


Good work guys was with it all the way through, it has a nice ambience, good artwork, and reminds me of 2001 a space odyssey, it has that feel, i enjoyed listening to this :slight_smile:


It would be really great if all of you could share this on your social media accounts. I really think digital word of mouth is about the only way to get the word out for a netlabel like ours.


Great work guys! Really enjoyed it, especially the textures, atmospheres, beat sequencing and the mix of genres.
Also, absolutely love the drop and the chillsteppy beat in the first track! Gonna listen again later when back at work. :smiley:


Really nice work Manton. I am digging it. I too love some me some space music, and this is quite inspirational. Very well produced too.


Good job with this!

Don’t panic goes HARD! Thunder, Lightning and Sky is a cool chill, Advanced Spacefaring Civilization is a dope psychedelic trip, and sooo on. Really like it!


Thank you all, the feedback is very much appreciated.

I am proud of this piece and glad I can share it with you all. If you have friends that you think will dig it, please share it round.

This will also be available on Spotify, Apple music and all the other streaming services once they approve it. (takes a while and I left it too late to distribute). Once it’s live I will share the links.

If Soundcloud is your go-to for listening I have uploaded it to my profile:


Please do, fellow forum members, share this on your feeds. You never know who might give a listen.


Listened to the whole thing today… Wow! What a Trip!

Nicely done… This subject holds a place in my heart… i’m an original member of the Planetary Society… so Carl Sagan and Voyager definitely speak to me.

Thank you for making this meaningful piece of art.


cool as fuck


Fantastic work. Love the entire thing…purchased and listening still.


got round to listening to this today, amazing work!


I don’t have social media, but I have a good number of followers on soundcloud - @Manton is there any way to assemble the tracks on your soundcloud into an album, so I can repost the whole thing? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


They should already be in a playlist. Shows up on my page like that anyway. Scroll down you might see it, if not, that’s weird I’ll see what’s going on


oooh, I see it in playlist. I was looking in album. Dumb SC :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t Panic is now available on Spotify, Apple, and all things streamable! Thanks for your support!


Holy shit this release is epic! Love the subject matter as well. Fuckin eh!


Me likey. Great release @Manton!


I have listened to this a few times now and wanted to stop back by and say it’s an extremely creative, rock solid release. Several IDMf members have ping’d me on it saying I should listen to it and that it kind of sounds like something I might have done…

… and they are misled. I couldn’t make a release this solid. Nice job, Manton. :slight_smile:


Wow, thank you for this awesome feedback Jazzy! Much respect :fist_right: