awesome work guys.
loving having it as a banner too <3


Very scratchy, very nice. Innovative use of brillo.


lol you figured out my secret…


A great listen indeed! The atmospheres, sounds used, FX design… The album feels coherent as well, the tracks definitely fit together.

I like Wayside the most.

There’s one thing that I don’t like, though: the effects seem to loud for me, overshadowing the music and other qualities of the tracks (it does seem like your aim, however, since the FX levels are high throughout the whole album).


@palmspalms thank you for your honest critique


Too late for Christmas but just in time for the New Year…


Big thanks to XVF for putting together this package for us full of stems from his wonderful release. Use them, abuse them, do with them what you will. Whatever you do be sure to post your work, however complete / incomplete, in this thread for our listening pleasure. Tell us a bit about your process and most importantly what spoke to you about this record.

Thanks again to all the listeners and everyone involved in this project on every level. See you all in 2019 with more great music from the IDMf Netlabel featuring members of the IDMforums Community!

Happy New Year Everyone…


FYI, Being that some of the original project files were overwritten after so many edits and some computer disco that resulted in the project file getting lost, for some the tracks I uploaded the original source sound in place of the actual stems, like for the bass glitch sequence for ib347x, and for she’s gone i uploaded what i could, being that project file was overwritten and different versions of the tracks were spliced together…so enjoy, and have fun with it.!!!:slight_smile: , look forward to hearing the remixes, cheers guys!!!,


When I have some time over the next couple weeks I’m definitely doing something utilizing these stems, a cassette tape and a Tascam 414. Hopefully I can get a video out of it.


Awesome, thanks for the upload! Really looking forward to doing something with this when I find some time :smiley:


Had to do a quick one of She’s Gone for my house alter ego:

A more experimental remix of After Effects might follow…


that was quick :slight_smile:, thank you metaside I enjoyed this thoroughly


Awesome use of the material. Love the percussion and the general simplicity of the piece. Great work as usual.


Thanks guys, glad you like it! :smiley:


Fuckin’ legit man! That’s a really nice take on it. Melodies are really pleasant. Good shit.


[Remix taken down - there will be a completely new version at some point, featuring a surprise guest as it seems ^^ ]


Thank you metaside just listened to this on my phone, the dnb take on it is awesome, thank you for doing this


Hey figured that I should share this to help some beginners out or give someone inspiration …

for this ep I relied heavily on granular synthesis to make it and i sequenced most of it a high bpm between 400-450 bpm to make it easier to subdivide and to give a human feel

in all the tracks for the drums I basically fl’s stock drum synth for all the tracks, except for two. One track i recorded a clap and downpitched it to get a snare sound, and the other i basically recorded and sampled my beatboxing, resequenced it using slicex.

for mixing i basically followed woulg’s advice posted on the old version of the forum

but instead of relying heavily using compressors and limiters i gainstaged everything and played around with volume fader and volume output as well as routing into different buses and bounced and freezed some layers of the tracks to get the levels right

the drums were made with fl’s stock drum synth, that noise that acts as a drum fill is basically just the snare sound treated with fx such as waveshaper distortion, delay, and maybe fl’s gross beat i can’t really remember and resampled with fl’s granular synth which was randomly automated. the resulting sound from the granular synth was basically recorded and sampled to be cut up at resequenced to sound less random. the pad i forgot what waveforms i used maybe it just an arpeggio treated with reverb and filtered. I sampled the pad in fl’s stock sampler so that it i could retrigger the section and added some automated buffer override get that stutter effect which is present later on. For the last section the glitch bass sound is different fm modulated bass with a filter sweep with distortion, maybe used vocodex, reverb with short decay to make it sound metallic, and its also random granular automations sampled cut up and resequenced.

she’s gone:
lots of pitchshifting and fm synthesis, i used some third party pitchshifter, and dfx transverb(which is automated) for some of the pad sounds, i resampled a section of an intro sound with the granulizer to create that weird 30 second howling lead. this track is basically three different versions of the same track spliced together, the synths in each version have different settings, eqings, and fx which changed the texture for some of them i simply used what worked best and combined it with eq. It’s also why the granulized fm modulated bass sounds metallic, i used a limiter to saturate the bass sound, and played with attack and release settings of the limiter to minimize the delay. i used a simple sine wave with a short decay for the intro plucky melody. A quick way to get vocal choir pads is to detune an oscillator and use it as an lfo and fm modulate it with an oscillator tuned at a normal pitch and make it an arpeggiated synth stab with an adsr envelope modulating a filter(usually lwpass or whichever you prefer) and the volume to make it plucky and then treat it with reverb 100% wet with a high decay and roomsize setting, or you can use a convoluted reverb using wierd samples to get wierd sounds

after effects:
for the bass sounds it was fm modulation + filter swept + vocodex with a granulized sample(that is automated) that is modulating the bass sound i basically played around with this method. In the last section i got the transformers sound by resampling the bass by running it through a granular synth, automating it then taking another sample, running it through a granular synth as well and automating it. Then I used vocodex so that the granulized sample is modulating the granulized bass (the routing got wierd) and added fl’s flangus plugin and presto got the transformers sound, all the other sounds were made using methods previously mentioned in the breakdown for previous tracks and also i just sidechained the midrange stuff and some samples to the main beat to make it sound more rhythmic

fml lol:
basically just a giant granular remix, made a pad sound and added a beat, but it didn’t work so i ran the whole thing through the granulizer, lightly automated it, eq’ed and treated with a basic vocoder to thicken the sound and automated the reverb and the eq to make the texture of the sound evolve, then i added a pluck using a square wave i guess to give it more melody and eq’ed it make room for the other sounds, the piano is a modified sytrus preset, drums are a different eq’ing of the stock fl drum synth, the bass sound I think is a resampled sound that didn’t fit in one of the other tracks i think, and i used it in this track because it fit, i think i automated eq, treated it with vocodex and ran it through a granulizer and once again i automated the granulizer parameters.

the sampled beatboxing is in this track, the kick is in 4/4 time and the fill is in 7/4 maybe not too sure…anyways for the fill its just sampled beatboxing sample resequenced in slicex with an adsr envelope, eq’ed and modified with vocodex with an automated granular sample to give that dusty glitchy texture, once
again reverberated a filter arppegiated synth stab to get the weird vocal sounding pad, i’m using buffer override to glitch the underlying melody layered with with another patch which i routed to different mixer channel so that it would be easier to fade in with the sound (which is pitchshifted) and mix it to give the appearance of change in the track, i also sidechained the main pad to the kick drum and automated the reverb level, the free floating pad is a different filtered reverberated arpeggiated synth stab.

i can’t exactly remember how i made everything being that it was months ago and its a lot of work to back track to get all the specifics, as far as synthesis goes my advice is to play around with the tunings and use wierd harmonics and use some oscillators as lfo’s in order to get wierd modulation in addition to automating the different parameters of the synth and the fx, i highly recommend using a wavetable synth/ or an fm synth that enables you to use your own custom waveforms.

so good luck to everyone and I hope this helps/inspires, cheers


Wow, just got a sample on the main page, sounds really great, well done. :slightly_smiling_face:



Bumping a couple older releases that deserve a second listen, or a first if you’ve never heard it…