How do you start?

If it’s not generative stuff, I record mouth sounds and then play the mouth sounds with instruments. Just make it up as you go along. Like for bass I record myself saying “Buhbib bibbadee bipda booba bipbip” and for pads it’s like “wwwoooOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNnnnngg” and whatever. I never make them for specific songs, it’s just tons of short to shortish mouth sounds, and I might use them later on. My hope is that I remain irrelevant, and one day my descendants will find out that at least one of their ancestors was a complete moron, and this will be a humbling experience.


maybe someday when you are famous these recordings will be released! :grinning:
and … worth big $$$$$

Have you tried iTunes?

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I also do mouth sounds


Whenever i make music it usually happens one of two ways:

Inspiration: i listen to many types of music, almost always on shuffle because my attention span demands constant shifts. And every once in a while a track will come on with a nasty drum beat, or a warm droney pad, or just a genetal mood. And that ignites a desire to recreate it somehow. The results are often varied, but the satisfaction is almost always guaranteed.

Boredom: i’ll plop myself down in front of the DAW and just browse my samples and instruments. Previewing them all until i come across something that makes me go “Wait a sec…what was THAT?!”
And then i gradually build on and around that one noise. The results are usually unlistenable to the average listener, but for me it’s incredibly satisfying. Because not only have i made something unique, i learned many things in the making. What works. What doesn’t. And friendship, for everyone.

I never actually have a plan, when making music. My brain simply isn’t wired that way. I just have “the urge to do the thing.” I’ve also discovered that when you go into creation, of any variety of audio or visual, with the mindset of “this will be the greatest thing ever”, you kinda set yourself up to fail. It hobbles you by making you over critical and a slave to perfection.
So i stand by two different maxims when creating anything:

You can polish a turd, but it will still be a turd.

You can’t edit a blank page.

And i try to land in the middle of both of those thoughts.

Just do the thing. Have fun. Every day.