How do you play your melodies?


Just found PML Production Music Live How to Write Melodies Full Course

4+hours about melodies
Google it . Posted on the Internet


So, to get back to topic, how do you play in your melodies @st3aLth after you took that course? :wink:
Do you use a simple keyboard, an MPE controller, traditional instruments or do you just click on the piano roll?

@triton64: What about non-guitar melodies? Or do you eclusively use guitar for finding melodies and then set it in MIDI?


I have not finished the course yet. But I can say that the course is cool 100%.

Before that, I relied on midi arpeggiators and midi plugins and routing. So far, in the middle of the course, I began to draw notes with the mouse and use scales, although I do not use scales, I compose so purely by ear.

I gave my piano to people (because it was out of tune and rather tired of the piano standing in my room). There are 88 keys midi and then lies on the balcony. There are several guitars, but my hands do not reach them.
PS This plugin might help recognise key of series of notes
My fav arp is LibreArp
Latest plugin i have for experiments with melodies is Midi Madness 3 plugin. Also you might need a snap to key plugin.


No option for singing, but I guess I dont really do EDM IDM, I just like the sound design therein and put it into rock context. Accordingly part of the reason I play on a keyboard is there is a lot of swing in my tracks. Or more aptly, more complex groove structures. Just takes more time to mouse those in my accuracy.


I also use sequencers in eurorack alot to generate cool unexpected stuff… It’s nice to get out of the box stuff


If I can I “noodle” on some kind of “melodic control surface” keys or pads typically. Then when I find something I like I approximate it on a step sequencer. Once in a while I’ll use something less quantized.


I doodle my melodies on my MIDI keyboard and than align, edit them in piano roll. I need to jam those on keyboard because I don’t like clickin everything in piano roll. I feel like the many clicks killing my vibe. lol