FX: Is less always more?


FX, is less always more…



Already mentioned in varying manners but it all comes down to what your intentions are.

You can really fuck up an other wise decent start to you mix by throwing all your tracks into a reverb hole. SPARTA!!! I don’t know how many times I’ve seen some clean crisp top end get destroyed by the over-use of a reverb.

But a delay? Use. Use it. Never stop! More is always more. Unless it’s the low end. Then no. Zero is more. :hugs:


This man… Posting at a funeral. Respect


So much good stuff in this thread.

Here’s a super secret life hack:

Take your a channel in your mix, run it through about 30 fx processors. It will be over processed and terrible now.

Bounce down this channel.

HA! Now your audio will have ZERO effects on it and be as smooth as a baby’s arse.


Don’t go down that rabbithole… There be dragons… :laughing:


On a serious note, on most of the occasions that I’ve gotten the privledge to look at the project of a great sounding mix, I’ve almost always been surprised by how little has been on each track.

It’s a fact that you should be able to get a great mix with very little processing. If the tune is good, arrangement is good, sounds are good, then you should be able to get a great mix with maybe some HPF, LPF, some compression that kicks in if an element gets too loud, maybe a handful of eq cuts, a delay send and a reverb send and automation. Maybe a little buss prossesing. This can end up looking like 1-3 processors on each track.

I guess less is not more but I think that you are far and away more likely to fuck up your mix by doing too much rather than not enough. It’s easier to kill vibe than is put vibe back in IMO.


Hah. Technically before the funeral.