Equipment Sales and Deals - Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2019


Looking at this stuff–great list ya’ll–made me realize besides the Digitakt I want as a drum machine and can’t afford right now, I really have everything I need to make the tunes I want to. Gonna grab Valhalla Echo (or w/e his new delay is) at some point for myself, but his prices are steady at $50 a pop.


Not exactly a Black Friday deal but Sweetwater has some B-Stock Elektrons for under $1,000.

I was able to grab an Analog Four Mk2 for $950 and an Octatrack Mk2 for just a little more, and they gave me a good deal on deck savers too. They came in nearly perfect condition and were sealed by Elektron with full warentee.

I’d include a link but it won’t let me.


Cyber Monday from me:

until December 4th. Deals include up to 60% off Sounds, up to 80% off Samples, MIDI and Templates and 95% off for 2 FL Studio templates.

The sale includes sounds for: Hive , Diva , Repro , Serum , Sylenth1 , Krome , Massive X , Dune 3 , EUROPA , The Legend , Massive , Thorn and Spire .


right now Audiority still has a sale on, and Xenoverb is 50% off. Great reverb with a different sound character thant he Valhalla stuf (which I do not own, but have demoed the hell out of)

Polarity is also awesomesauce.


That’s really cool. Picked it up after checking a few demos and a review and I have to say I like having a shimmer around. But the Bode is going to be a lot of fun for me.


the freeze function is really awesome too for ambient soundscapes. Quite an underrated verb.