Do you think different DAWs sounds different?


I don’t believe this thing. The DAWs should not have differernce in the sound quality. If we talk about only the DAWs. Their built in effects and instruments would cause difference yes. And also maybe the different dithering algorythms on rendering, if you render lower than 32bit. Plus consider there would be a difference in how each DAW programmer implemented the soundcard drivers. This might cause a difference. But I saw tests when people mixed the same audio files in different daws with same setting than they did phase cancellation test with the rendered ones. The result was 0. So if the DAWs engines count at same bith depth and render at same bitdepth, there would be no audible difference.


Nope! It did not work. I just exported same audio from two daws. Then I inverted phase on one track but sound goes through.

I don’t want to argue with you. Let everyone decide for themselves.