Dnb and dubstep question...Is simple the best


So much stuff on that Benga album to just play endlessly. First time I heard it I was stuck on the first track for two full days before listening to the rest of the album.


Benga is a fucking legend.



edit: in case you want the track:


It’s not a hard and fast rule, but simpler music (provided you know enough theory to deliver it well and put your own spin on it) is far more likely to capture the interest of others than super complex compositions.

Underneath the hood, EDM is definitely closely related to pop and thus could be viewed as simpler music than most… however, when you get into DnB territory and even ‘heavy dubstep’ (that really noisy newer shit, apparently that’s what the kids are calling it) the sound design-factor definitely makes it less simplified and not nearly as ‘easy listening’ as, say, Skrillex or any of the stuff that followed suit a decade + ago.

(Of course most of these people are just flipping through presets, which doesn’t discredit their musicality, but obviously sounds way more complex to the casual observer than it probably was to create)

With that said, I don’t know shit about theory and my mind is always in overdrive, going way too heavy on designs / guitar licks and way too light on actually composing a song, so sometimes you just have to let out the stuff that’s in your heart and soul or whatever. Even if nobody cares enough to listen, lol.

And hey, people are still studying the fuck out of jazz for years so they can really wow like 5 people while everyone else gets too bored to actually stay for the whole performance. That doesn’t make it any less meaningless, either, especially if they seriously enjoy what they do.


Heavy dubstep still sounds simple…

Even noisia and excision…are not complex composition wise

The sound design is very good but compositionally its basic.

Also side note lol jazz…


That’s a really good point, actually. When I think about “complex” DnB/Dubstep/Bass music it is the sound design that is complex most of the time.


That being said im gonna try to combine my complex glitch wubs…with a basic dubstep beat…

Ill basically do my random ass gross beat and filter modulations…and slice it up to get a less choatic sequence…

The real difficult part is designing complementary sounds…

When in doubt youtube it i guess…

But if anyone has any suggestions for dubstep leads im open…

Or perhaps should i just listen to skrillex rusko and excision and datsik.


Leads are kind of the simple part IMO. Anything with a single voice and good melody should cut through the mix and deliver the goods. Most people don’t seem to fuck those up, it’s when the rest of the track lacks depth and its deserved attention that the whole vibe can get thrown off


Ok so…for dubstep leads i just uptuned the bass and turn off the filter and volume modulations…

How listenable the track is…idk but its in the lb.


I do stuff like that all the time bc I am theory deficient.