Digital Distribution options


I’m unfortunately not the person to ask that, I’ve never had enough traction with my music to make money. I make some money doing mixing/mastering for other artists, but my own music is a financial black hole. So for me, it’s more about minimizing costs than maximizing revenue.


Anybody tried this…?

The “chop 20 seconds off your song because ain’t nobody got time for a full song” part is sad…

My 2nd album is fully done & professionally mastered. I’m now at the stage where I am trying to find labels that may have an interest in the type of music I’m making. Yay.

I HATE the marketing myself part with a vengeance + trying to get people to listen to instrumental music that’s not straight dance or mass EDM-type or whatever genre that’s very easily identifiable (like House music, DnB, etc.) is not exactly easy.

Giving it a couple of months and probably going to release it myself with a small CD run because I like having an object, not just 1’s and 0’s online. I will still have to find a way to market it somehow to have people actually listen to it. Ugggghhh


I’m trying this out currently with the free option, meaning you only can send in one track a month I think. I didn’t have any interested labels so far after like 3 weeks and you also don’t get any feedback or any information on how long they listened to your track. I tried another service a while ago which was interesting since they listed how long labels listened to your track. I stopped using that one since it was a bit frustrating to see people listening to tracks for like 1 second and I forgot the name but I’m sure it can be found when searching for sites similar to LabelRadar.

I’m gonna keep using LabelRadar for now since it’s easy to use, but I assume the best approach still is to send your music to specific labels that have a proven interest in more or less related music.


Thanks for the feedback, @metaside ! Yep, I think that all these services are a bit shit… at least when you use the free version (maybe the paid one actually accomplishes anything). I may try a subscription for a month in a couple weeks. I’ll let you know if that brings anything positive.

You’re right - directly sending to labels yourself is the best idea but they receive so many submissions (with most probably a fuck ton of amateurish crap in it) that it’s also very easy to be overlooked. Oh well.


Haha, yeah, you are probably right about labels - it’s been a while since I sent something to one directly… Looking forward to hear about your experiences with the services!


Don’t just send a demo unsolicited, try emailing in advance, get a name of a specific employee you’re sending it for the attention of. Send some photos and info about you, like a show reel basically. Offer them insight into why you like their label and why you and your music would be a good fit for them.
This is an unsolicited job interview basically and you’re fighting for attention. You need to do something to make you stand out so they might want to listen for more than one second. You might feel like you shouldn’t have to do that after you just worked so hard on your tracks but it can help.

  1. Does anybody knows how tracks uploaded to youtube aka Auto-gerated by youtube appear (where and how they come from)
  2. and how youtube get recognize table track title etc in the description under the video
    it’s separate questions


yes i worked so hard for so many years :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Distrokid or other digital distribution services usually have this as an option