Creative Commons License Feedback and Discussion


You say that you: “have been advocating for dropping CC for quite some time”, but, as far as I can see, you have acted like it was already dropped for some time now. I see your arguments mainly as an attempt to make this unofficial decision seem perfectly reasonable. But, despite the verbiage, I remain unconvinced.

Duplicity as an overt strategy is very current America, though, - I have to give you that;)

But, since I believe I have already made my stance on the matter sufficiently clear, I’ll spare you a tiresome repeat of my opinions.

It is honestly a bit depressing for me to see the legacy of the IDMF-label in the hands of unscrupulous pirates like this, but there is not really a lot I can do about it. Obviously I will not be submitting music to your label in its current state, and I would also generally advice others against doing it.


I thank you for keeping your insult of our hard and free labor work on all artist’s behalf polite, and will leave the remaining of any discourse on the matter to our PR rep, @Creepr, given that the administrative considerations have been addressed.





Just wanted to say…

Thanks to idmf for helping people get their production chops…cultivating talent and helping people get recognized for their work…and being somewhat of a gateway into the music industry…

In regards to music…I can always make more of it…and to me if a community label makes enough to support itself…and helps amatuer musicians get recognized because their release is label sponsored…I’d say it’s a fair trade off for helping to get ones foot in the door…

If I’m speaking out of turn I apologize delete my post.


nah dude, you got it 100% right… if this armchair cunt comes complaining again I’m just going to fucking ban him…clearly nothing but a pot stirrer…also if your music is so fucking awesome that you are worried about the money you could make it from it why are releasing it through a small, forum based netlabel that is clearly not for profit? No slight to IDMf intended.

The philosophy thread (no extremist manifesto debates please)

110% this. The IDM Academy and its professors/student body has genuinely allowed me the opportunity to develop many skills and encouragement to build onto my style that I seriously doubt I would have gained in any other forum.

I love you fam. Thanks for helping me to be sexy!