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I’m curious to see what anyone has to say about “Tomorrow’s Harvest”… their latest album. I keep going back to it…

I love it! Ditto.


Hey there.

So I’ve had Tomorrow’s Harvest CD for a week or so, and have listened to it a number of times (listening as I type this as well).

I should probably say that this is my first BoC record, and that I’m not familiar with any of their previous records.

I somehow really wanted to like this album, them being “big warp guys" and all, - and I do like the nostalgia of the sound design, the nice chord progressions and so on. It’s enjoyable and nicely produced, - but on most of the tracks I can’t help but feel like something important is somehow missing.

The compositions feel almost (deliberately?) aimless and somewhat depressed, leaving me with a nagging impression of the music having been made by someone who lost interest in what they were doing along the way (but then decided to finish it anyway). A bit like receiving a birthday-card from a family member who isn’t really interested in you anymore: “Happy birthday *yournamespelledwrong”.

I think I can see how an album like this could end up being significant in someone’s life, though, and I do apologize if I’m being too insensitive about it.

I mean, if someone stumbled upon this music while something significant was happening in their life, - it could almost automatically become “the soundtrack to your life”. It has that “adaptable soundtrack to your life” quality – which I don’t necessarily see as a negative quality.

In fact, I suppose I have a similar kind of relationship with the Pye Corner Audio’s “Black Mill Tapes” releases, - which are somewhat related in style and intention.

Those record feel more inspired, though (to me at least), - but my relationship with them is probably also partly due to me listening to them a lot during a period of my life, where some depressing shit was happening (loss of old friends, traveling alone etc). I can recommend checking them out if you don’t know them already, - although it’s very possible that you’ll respond the same way I did, - preferring the music that resonates with your personal memories over something similar.

When “Tomorrow’s Works” is most interesting to me, it’s in the cracks where the producers, almost in spite of themselves, allow themselves a bit of fun with repetitive techno sounds – toning down the dramatic/emotional chord progressions in favor of old school big-beat/rave vibes a la FSOL.

But there’s not a lot of fun on this record, is there?

I’d love to hear these guy make a rhythm based record, - but I suppose it’s unlikely to happen.

Well, those were my thoughts for now anyway. Thanks!


That Picture Box post has just taken me RIGHT BACK … ffs total regression lol


If Tomorrows Harvest was my first listen to BOC in the year 2019 i’d don’t think it would of ever got a second listen.

I’m kinda lucky in that i got to hear MHTRTC on its release back in 98 set amongst a back ground of what was available then, which made it totally ground breaking and the years after that of everybody trying to sound like them and epically failing.
For me Geogaddi should of been an EP, a few Gems but too much on that album thats pretty poor.
All albums after that are almost commercial sounding compared to the Rawness of MHTRTC.

I suppose its how i really don’t like the Beatles i don’t rate them at all, but i wasn’t listening to them in an era when there was nothing quite like them, if i had i’d probably like them today.



i’m a pretty big BoC fan but couldn’t get into that album. Check out twoism and music has the right to children, geogaddi. The classics. The comeback album didn’t do it for me. Kind of like how I didn’t really get into syro but drukqs is pretty much my favorite electronic album.


Tomorrow’s Harvest is probably one of my favourite albums ever. Also I noticed that a lot of their tracks contain samples of people counting, they seem to be super into counting.


the counting is just samples of mysterious “number stations” from “The Conet Project”


I’ll chime in. This place showed me BoC and they’re probably one of my favorite groups for the last…shit…8 or more years. I can’t even remember when I joined anymore.

Tomorrow’s Harvest was the first album I bought. So over 6 years, I guess I’ve been into them more fanatically. Their music/electronic stuffs like it wasn’t a thing where I came from. So I was definitely late to the party.

I think the song that really stuck me was Reach for the Dead. I don’t know if it’s my favorite but the overall sound hooked me. This quickly became a traveling album, to this day. Their music in general.

I’ve read up on them, periodically look for anything new about them(usually nothing new).

I feel like they is always some theme to their stuff. Even if subliminally done.

A video I found recently:


Personally speaking, I’ve tried to like them since their first album, but I can’t stand that type of electronic music. Just a lot of repeated loops to my ears. It was good sex music though.

I’ve chilled out a bit over the last decade, and have been meaning to expand my current library, so I’ll give them another go.


lmao good sex music. I love cheeky comments like this about bands that people have built altars in their homes for. nice one.

i felt the same way for a long time, I was like “why the hell are these guys up there with Aphex?” At some point the moodiness of it and the textures just started to grow on me.

maybe try this one i dunno.

also as I said earlier, their first album might be my fav. Twoism. Real rough around the edges but pretty cutting edge for 94’’ imo.


I think of advertising billboards in canada…sometimes it’s like 3am existential drunk elevator walk of happy shame experience moosik