Black Friday GAS anyone?


I like the new midi functionality, the added features on the piano roll, and I also like the upgraded granular plugin. I will definitely check out the built in euclidean beat function. Ableton’s piano roll functions are nowhere near as good as FL Studio (and I haven’t even touched FL in years).
But it’s small improvements, nonetheless.
Is it worth the price tag for a such a small update? Probably not.


Thanks for elaborating! Yeah, the FL piano roll is nice - one of the things I really loved about FL. Another was Sytrus… Fruity was the first DAW I played with at a homie’s home a long time ago. Fun times.


Also, GAS (and dementia) update: got Pro-R2 and bought a wrong update version for Bitwig since I was a bit distracted and it had the same price as the one I wanted :roll_eyes: Hope Pluginboutique can sort that out lol… but I have high hopes, they have been helpful in the past…


It was the first DAW I really dug in to! Years ago when I was on a PC I bought a license. When I moved to Mac, I ended up learning Logic because FL wasn’t on it yet. Now that it’s on Mac, I don’t know if I want to move back to it, I’m so comfortable on Ableton, been using it for years


Yeah, moving to another DAW can be a hard decision - I’m using Bitwig and Ableton in parallel at the moment. My plan is to start all future projects in Bitwig, moving to Ableton when dealing extensively with audio or bounced tracks because of the audio handling, warp markers and so on…


I was doing that for a while (not to mention my ridiculous dual-DAW setup, complete with Jack audio routing), but eventually I think I weaned myself off Ableton successfully without even realizing it. At this point in time, I can’t really recall what was keeping me from leaving Live entirely, because it seems like even arranging, cutting and automating is just as smooth in Bitwig as it is Live.

Something like Falcon can replace the lack of granular samplers, too, along with adding a slice sampler, etc


That’s good to hear! For me at the moment it’s mainly the audio handling and warp markers. But I think I haven’t done much audio work in BW after trying it like once, so gonne check it out and see how it goes. Granular is not a problem in my case - Granulator is nice, but I have some synths/samplers with granular options. I also use some Ableton Packs but not very often, but I guess I will be switching back and forth at least for a while…


Speaking of which, I happened on this one today. Currently half price. After watching the tutorial, I’m tempted.

Anybody here has it or has tried it?

(I’m sure you can do all that it does in Falcon or Pigments; this one looks straight-forward enough that I may have fun getting to know how it works)


I don’t know it, but I also watched the tutorial and it looks interesting for sample-based sound design. However, many people gave it 4 of 5 stars at Pluginboutique, so I would recommend to demo it.