BB118 - Beat the Clock


Anybody who’d like to weigh in on discussion as to limiting entries to one per participant, check the discussion thread here:


Hey, thanks to everyone who made tracks!

I’m having trouble setting up the poll on my phone, so I won’t be able to get the voting set up until I get back home to my PC. Should have it posted by the end of the day.


Which one is your entry, @Unk_Nown?


Alright, the poll is up. Thanks everyone for participating, and bonus points to @IO_Madness and @Unk_Nown for posting multiple tracks. Hopefully I got your preferred track in the poll, let me know if I need to change it.

Voting closes the morning of November 9th!



@7asid I’ve also been around the BB’s long and enough and done more to keep them going probably than any other member, there has never been a “tradition” of submitting more than one track, most often people submit only one, and I’m saying that entries are limited to one. Further discussion in the BB Discussion thread.


Like the shimmery pads, cool beat glitchyness. It makes me want to check out Bitwig!

Nifty glitches

Chaotic and disorienting. I like the stabs around :45. Cool stuff.

Interesting 7/4. Good way of stretching out the length. Dig the melodic part jumping around. Like the ominous dark bass.


Texture of the melody, kick hihat snare, bass are great, sounds clean alltogether. I do not like pitch shifting too much or the linear structure of track.
Intro is gold. I like how you sampled vocals inside, various details, the happy mood of the track, ending.
It reminds me on an experiment i made.
I like bass the most, opera vocals. Has some nice percussion too.
4/2? It is short, interesting passages between rythms, alien melody is nice, bass melody too. Reminds me on a acid themed band.


4/2? You mean time signature? No, 4/4. It’s short because 32 bars of 4/4 at 165 BPM is only 46.545 seconds (disclaimer, my tracks are not at 165 cuz I totally missed that part, just remembered it needed to be DnB).


thats not quite what i said actually


We have a winner, congrats @IO_Madness!


Oh snap! Alright, I’ll get a sample pack in order!