Worchestershire sauce dafuq...thread about sauces


Thread about sauces…

So Yea its a sauce off…

Whose sauce is better…

Say what…


Hot sauce on everything all the time :smile:


Awesome sauce :100:


Literally my fav hot sauce right now!


Franks red hot has a vinegar base…it sucks.


I only like those types for some very specific things (Buffalo Chicken Dip is the main dish), but yea otherwise its like generic spicy and vinegar : (

My dad is obsessed with La Victoria Salsa Brava but it is too hot for me.


The Green Pepper Cholula is lovely.

I’m still partial to the original Tabasco because it goes with everything and is not overpowering.

Also: Harissa is love


Ok, loving this thread already…ya’ll gonna give me an ulcer though :rofl:


If taco sauces count…

This is vinegar-based but it’s actually super good. I’m on the lookout for something like this that also doesn’t have the tomato paste (hot pepper ratio seems really good on this one) but I’m not sure if they make one


ermagherd…amazon sells sauce i want


I always injure myself with the very left and very right one lol they keep them on the table at one of our fav Mexican places and I always dump too much on my beans…


Habanero peppers are no joke. I’ve cooled down on hot sauces, thankfully, because I would have wrecked my insides if I had continued with this type of stuff…

There are great hot sauce stores in L.A. or Long Beach. In the Long Beach one, they have stuff so brutal that you actually have to sign a disclaimer before buying them - so that you won’t sue the store if you survive a horrible death. We’re talking Scorpion & above, where a few drops will absolutely ravage you


Horseradish sauce and aunt mays is about my limit


Green or red hot sauce???


I really like tormatillo/green tomato sauces and chunky salsas, but I don’t like them too spicy because you can’t taste the sour. Generally, I like red hot sauce.


Spicy spicy salsa…

Ghost chilli scorpion chillis
Tomato garlic lime onion chives celery and other stuff.