Where would you post a jam video of a popular song remix?

Hey everyone,

Where would you post a jam video of popular song remix? I came across a promotional DJ CD of the Pixies’ Monkey Gone to Heaven with, well, not quite an acapella track but close enough. I’m working on a dubby version and want to do a live version on video. I have no idea where to post it. I am sure Vimeo is just as strict as YouTube.? Any tricks I can add audio wise to help beat the AI?

So far I’m getting away with the audio on SoundCloud.

Cool I wouldn’t mind hearing that.

I assume as long as there is nothing more than a second or two of completely original parts with nothing else you should be OK even on Youtube. If you change the instruments you could almost have the original acapella, just like I said as long as it doesn’t play out too long in its original state.

It reminds me of .mogg files, used to find them years ago. Those guitar hero video games, people managed to break down the files and extracted these .mogg files which were literally multitracks of very famous songs, and you had all the parts available separately, you could even hear count ins on famous songs and things like that, but even better you had the multitrack. I once took a metallica track, and had everything except the drums and burnt a CD for a drummer friend. Been a long time since I looked into those but damn they were cool.

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Thanks for the response. The particular track in question is pretty obvious. The tracks I was able to get were vocals and strings combined from the original. I do have some of the parts with LFO > Pitch but nothing extreme. I’ve also added delay and other FX.

I might make a burner YouTube account for the first go.

The current track I’m working on (borrowed some Janet Jackson vocals) everything is pretty well mangled and I think you’d have to be a real JJ fan to know the song from what I’ve done.

That is really interesting about the guitar hero games. I wonder why for the purposes of the game they needed the multitracks in the first place but that’s probably because I’ve not had enough of my daily legal speed yet!

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Yeah so in those guitar hero / rock band games one part of the song like the guitar will be muted, and you play it by pressing buttons at the right time. Pirate bay was loaded with the mogg files and could still be, then just pop one in Audacity and viola.

I am pretty sure Youtube’s copyrighted audio detection algorithm needs a second or two of original audio so just remember that and you should be OK. As remixing is a form of art it should free and open provided the right people are credited, but this is the world we live in I guess.

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