What’s in your cup? The Drinking Thread


Switch to ACV and you’ll feel like a million trumps


(bartender here)

when it comes to spirits i gotta go rum + coke. kraken, old j spiced or old j tiki fire are all amazing (tiki fire is like 80% yet still tastes amazing)
really like frangelico hazelnut liqueor, its like dissarono but better in every way
im a sucker for a pint of guiness as well, when it comes to lagers probably amstel or birra moretti, got a sweet spot in my heart for Tennents lager tho (i live in Glasgow).
I like red wine but i honestly couldnt tell you if i was drinking a merlot or a shiraz or whatever, it all just tastes like red wine to me


Redemption Rye and a bit of 7up with some Miller Lite tweeners to make sure my bladder is clear.



Been sticking to locally brewed IPA’s and I’m really enjoying this one


Yes. My dad and I brew beer and cider. The biggest thing is keeping things clean and sterile. If you go to a beer brewing supply place the people at those tend to know a lot.

They make kits which make it simpler as far as what kind of ingredients to buy. Like the place we buy from we just say we want to make something like Guinness and they say oh ok get kit number 17.


Frangelico lover here as well. Really love it in coffee with just a splash of Rumpleminze. Or just in coffee by itself. I will.occasionlly drink a shot of it or sip.it for dessert


Any mead drinkers here? We have s couple local places that make it.


Another one of my favorite local Milwaukee brewed IPA :slight_smile:


I used to like mead back in my SCA days when I knew people who made it. Haven’t seen any in forever.

I made my own mead once out of desperation, and it turns out that it’s actually possible to make honey taste like shit.


Coffee with a dash of whiskey, with some milk and maple syrup for flavor


Another local milwaukee brewed IPA. Haven’t tried it yet… 10.50 for a pack of 6 lmao


It is usually coffee, but I have recently read of a morning beverage taken on rising of turmeric, cider vinegar, honey and water. As to its flavour I can’t speak.