What’s in your cup? The Drinking Thread


Switch to ACV and you’ll feel like a million trumps


(bartender here)

when it comes to spirits i gotta go rum + coke. kraken, old j spiced or old j tiki fire are all amazing (tiki fire is like 80% yet still tastes amazing)
really like frangelico hazelnut liqueor, its like dissarono but better in every way
im a sucker for a pint of guiness as well, when it comes to lagers probably amstel or birra moretti, got a sweet spot in my heart for Tennents lager tho (i live in Glasgow).
I like red wine but i honestly couldnt tell you if i was drinking a merlot or a shiraz or whatever, it all just tastes like red wine to me


Redemption Rye and a bit of 7up with some Miller Lite tweeners to make sure my bladder is clear.